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    People keep saying that the dragons are free to acquire in Savage Hunt, but what they don't say is that you will have nowhere to put them unless you pay a LOT for chamber space. That's why I quit and went back to Dragon's Prophet EU. I know they got enough complaints that they've tinkered with pricing since they, but I till felt DP less expensive overall. Plus there is no way I can convince myself to spend real money on storage space, while I have talked myself into spending real money on a dragon I particularly wanted.

    Last year they were sold in the MP outright and I bought Opal Fortune on the very first day of the event because I was so sure I would never be able to catch one. I was really surprised that they have not been available this week. We can hope they are offered next week. But last year they were on the MP during the event, and you could choose which color to buy.

    I like the circle down in the lair to be closer to the Lair Manager and the Tournament Officer, but on top is still better than B-19 and the PVP players who broke the rules and killed people, hurting their armor and their chance to max their eggs. Not sure which area is truly better for traffic, but I'm just happy to be safely down in Artecia again AND have the servers merged there.

    Ok, when I bought it this morning and chose the package that had the %20 next to it. You can look a little below the window and see it says what the 20% is and how much its worth.

    I used my calculator to check and it was right. Also the packages with the % next to them was worth more diamonds. See there is 2 packages with $25. The % hot one gives more than the VIP.

    Thank you Darktigress that is what we needed to know. So the % IS added to the diamonds shown, making it a good deal. I just wanted to be sure. Really appreciate you adding the photo.

    When a special deal Is offered (like today) I see something like this: 2785 +20% diamonds $25 (or euros) Does this mean we get 2785 diamonds when we buy (the 20% has already been added to the standard amount) or we get 3,342 diamonds (the 20% is added to the 2785)? I was confused last time as well, and don't remember how it came out.

    Then I must be very brave and start us off. Perhaps this is not the usual biblical style, but the rules did say we were free to choose...

    A Cautionary Limerick

    There once was a dragon called Morgath,

    Whose people set out on the warpath.

    They battled the Shax,

    Using staff, bow, and axe,

    But they won only after a bloodbath.

    Glinwulf, Jorbyn Server

    I got another table but i'm guna hold on to it for now cause theres a chance ppl may still get one themselves.

    lol I can't believe you got three! Well I'm still doing the event, hoping for a couple of things I still need or want more of.

    In regard to the special drops, I've noticed that I am not getting the pop-up messages saying "You got the Ghost Hood" (or whatever) very often--only very occasionally. But when I check my Marketplace Bag after getting no messages, sometimes I have gotten drops after all. So do be sure to check your bag after every run.

    It's pretty random. Sometimes you do a run and get nothing. Sometimes you get more than one drop. Still it's never taken me too many runs to get all the different drops for a character (weapon skin, ghost hood, pumpkin head, & green flame). I just wish we could get the two-handed weapon skins and the gathering version of green flame, but I guess they want you to buy those.

    It would be interesting to know what pops up when Duckling logs into the account. In NA we all got the Sony page (before the Runewaker page). When they sold it to Daybreak we got the Daybreak page. In EU we get a nice Inferno page. So what comes up (before Runewaker) for Duckling?

    I too was VERY unhappy to see the old splash screens. To me the one real plus of the whole Migration headache was at least we got to enjoy the beautiful new splash screens. I like them so much better than the old ones.