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    And now for something completely different:

    Paean to Morgath

    Your shimmering scales uncoiled from the chaos before time

    as dragonkind arose from the darkness

    and you envisioned light.


    shaped dreams into a world

    in the shelter of your wings;

    with shining claws sculpted the mountains

    and tore open the valleys;


    and caused water to coalesce.

    The fog of your breath shed pearly rain upon the world

    and it flowed into the rivers and oceans.

    Your beating wings drove the winds into motion,

    caressing the softening stones of newborn Auratia.

    And then you walked

    and where your scales scraped the earth

    it blossomed.

    Trees burrowed roots into your clawprints

    and stretched their arms toward

    the sweet winds of your wings.

    But the world lay still, cradled in the roiling darkness,

    and grew cold.

    You swept your glowing gaze across the nascent realm,

    driving it into motion with the force of your vision,

    and saw shadows lying heavy under the swirling sky.

    So you

    arched your great neck upwards

    and exhaled a long and ardent plume of flame

    into the heavens

    and molded there the stars,

    coaxed with the curve of your tail the sun, most radiant,

    closer to your creation

    to warm and nourish the earth.

    Yet night fell on the far side of the world

    lit only by the pale and distant stars.

    So at last you stretched your mighty arm into the chaos,

    took hold of the wailing void,

    and squeezed

    until you held in your claws' grasp

    that silv'ry gem, the moon,

    which you set in Auratia's sky

    to reflect the light of the sun

    even into the darkest night.

    Praise and thanks be to Morgath,

    creator of Auratia.

    -Faireweather, Jorbyn Server