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    Thanks for this.

    It really shows the light on the situation.

    I love dp and been with it since na dp 2013. It has its up and downs but the community was strong.

    I hope we can get an update on these situations soon.

    I logged in once and got an error saying zone unavailable or something like that and thought game died. Luckily i heard it was a server issue.

    As you said it: its the programming. Runewaker just decided to code this for nvidia systems, they can run it just fine, tho no system can run this game 100% crash free :D thats just the nature of the game

    But your installation problems might not be your system, browse the forum, there are some threads with solutions for installation problems ^^ AMD should just give you some more laggs and boss bugs in 3 specific dungeons, apart from that its playable

    funny i guess i been lucky as my laptop that got amd gpu 4650 or m7820 runs it crash free. For the most part like 99% my desktop runs it crash free.

    I hope one day they just merge everyone to one ame so we can choose how we want to play

    Thank you all for the replies.

    I decided to try and installed ccleaner and spybot, scanned, cleaned and repaired all the bad files with.

    Played a bit this morning and for now looks like is all good with the game. I mean crashes happen but at least i can play longer than two seconds.

    Maybe it was my pc, maybe its the servers getting nasty sometimes, but as long as it's letting me play at least 1 hour before crashing, i am happy :D

    That good news.

    I've also been experiencing a lot of CTD crashes ever since the last couple of maintenances. Mostly it happens when I use any dragon transformations, but sometimes it happens just when flying around. I haven't changed any settings or done anything differently and I have had absolutely zero crashes of any kind up until recently.

    I think the servers are just bad and not able to handle dp.

    true. Well at least the second option worked :).

    What's unfair with that? A companys sole purpose is to earn money, they won't gift you anything without them gaining something from it. They need money to keep the servers running, their personnel paid, ... Diamond Purchases are the only thing currently available which generates money for DP/SH. If they were to pay more than they earn on purchases, the whole game would be dead pretty soon.

    Well I am willing to spend $ but why force me to spend more than the one I want? What the point of the $1 option if it not buyable?

    Looks like there are limited payment options for the lowest price purchase, yours just don't seem to be within them.

    Makes kind of sense since there are different kinds of fees for each purchase (a company wouldn't want to pay more than they earn, right?)

    Ya that was my original thought but kinda unfair to have no other way to buy it.

    How do tons of eggs equal money spent on SH? I mean you played the game yourself and should know that you cannot purchase Dragon eggs in SH...

    Also, almost nothing in this video requires the understanding of German. You'd only need this if you'd want to know what kind of Dragon eggs he has...

    Well I know sh you cannot buy eggs but wasn't there an update that added dragons to the mp for people to buy?

    If not then I guess I was mistaken.