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It's maintenance day! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    true. Well at least the second option worked :).

    What's unfair with that? A companys sole purpose is to earn money, they won't gift you anything without them gaining something from it. They need money to keep the servers running, their personnel paid, ... Diamond Purchases are the only thing currently available which generates money for DP/SH. If they were to pay more than they earn on purchases, the whole game would be dead pretty soon.

    Well I am willing to spend $ but why force me to spend more than the one I want? What the point of the $1 option if it not buyable?

    Looks like there are limited payment options for the lowest price purchase, yours just don't seem to be within them.

    Makes kind of sense since there are different kinds of fees for each purchase (a company wouldn't want to pay more than they earn, right?)

    Ya that was my original thought but kinda unfair to have no other way to buy it.

    How do tons of eggs equal money spent on SH? I mean you played the game yourself and should know that you cannot purchase Dragon eggs in SH...

    Also, almost nothing in this video requires the understanding of German. You'd only need this if you'd want to know what kind of Dragon eggs he has...

    Well I know sh you cannot buy eggs but wasn't there an update that added dragons to the mp for people to buy?

    If not then I guess I was mistaken.

    Was there a Black Friday sale? I'm pretty sure I logged in expecting one and there wasn't, unless it was just that short and never announced in the forum, the latter of which I check at least once daily. I want to say the sale with Scuber and Metron was a Cyber Monday sale, which I hadn't been expecting specifically because there hadn't been a Black Friday sale and there was no advance announcement it would happen.

    ya never noticed black Friday sale either as I did log in and was looking. Also I missed that dragon sale due to I was sick.

    ya runes of magic is what I meant

    Seems a -bit- of an odd subject to create a thread about but I was wondering about a player by the name of 'Xanthena,' someone I used to play with on Infernum's DP before I jumped on the Savage Hunt train. I was wondering if they still played.


    name seems familiar but I am sorry got no clue.

    Why are events unnecessarily limited to specific time frames? If you're going to have special marketplace sales, then have them last a day or two instead of a few hours. Similarly, the loot bonus should simply be a 48 hour bonus covering the entire weekend instead of specific time slots. Many members of your player base have jobs/school and miss out on such events when they're so limited.

    Wait there was a sale?

    Oh and hi there :).

    There was one if I remember correctly. You have to do the preview to find it. It has some funny name I think. It was in the diamond market.

    From what I could tell ALL the two-handed weapons were there.

    I did look through them all but none were for guardian two handed. I will look again if I remember.

    Please enlighten us, I'd be interested as well.

    We can certainly forward the suggestions to enable copying text from the chat!

    I cannot remember the specifics but it was a day I was in egg circle and gm was on and we were chatting.

    They said runewaker usually the quite type and has big plans for dp like they did with RuneScape or what ever that game called.

    I like to suggest seamoon companion (seen one in one of the festival moon games that was flying around on the wack o mole one.
    They ca do all the stuff the other mp ones can like fly and loot.