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    hey its been ages since i played DP and SH looks good so i'm gonna give it a go. I'd love to join you guys ingame for some cool adventures and stuff, so i just look you up ingame with the guild clerk/finder? yes?

    cool, i also have discord [Echo#4918]. i dont rem if discord is a thing or not for sanctuary [been awhile since i last joined ;) ]

    thanks in adv for you time and help :D

    oh i was lol, sorry I must have forgotten. either way may i join/re join?

    I've decided to have another crack at savage hunt :)

    also sorry for my confusion/forgetfulness

    I can start the game [via launcher] and even get both the logo screen's but then i get a black screen where i should get the login screen! i can hear the game music and the fire crackling in the background but nothing else :(

    Any idea's? my Directx is Ver 12 and i just updated my video card!

    thanks in adv,