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    Is it possible to remove the skill pre-requirements that dont have really any reason to be there? For example, Razor Vortex should not require Landslide Slash, Solar Flurry should not require Razor Edge and so on with other skills. This type of pre-reqs dont really make sense, not even realistically. Realistically speaking every other skill should require a pre-req, from walking to running and so on. I truly believe this type of pre-reqs are just a bad old famous design that just force players to spend points on skill they might not be interested in the first place.
    And, for those that can claim *its for balance* purposes. First of all, i dont think freeing the skills even affects the balance, secondly, if it does, u can find balance in many other ways, u dont need to force players into wasting points on things they dont want.

    I would really appreciate if a dev reads this.