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    Hello. There are not much people around. But we always try to have some fun together in our guild.

    For some reason your name sounds familiar. Maybe i have seen some móveis on YouTube with your name ir some guides... Not sure

    Still waiting this situation to be solved, since you have refunded me but with EMPTY gachas again. And i sent you Screens...

    Thanks in advance


    First, there was a BUGGED lucky sales from which i bought some lucky gachas without description on it and didnt Gave me nothing. After speaking with GM Suzumi, they refunded me with EMPTY lucky gachas AGAIN and i didnt got nothing from them AGAIN. I sent messages with screens to GM Suzumi and i'm still waiting an answer. This was 4 days ago.

    Now they made a false advertisement about sales again. They put an image containing some Oracle Learning Crystals, which doesnt apear in the Supermarket. After i creat this tópic they changed the image in the fórum, instead of inserting the missing itens in the Supermarket. And the worse, they didnt even CARE about giving US players an explanation...

    So, GM Suzumi is offline most of the time.

    GM Demadred cant receive messages neither conversations...

    How can i solve my problems?

    I need better support :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    Its only me or according to the new topic of GM Demadrend, there are some itens missing in SALE at supermarket?

    Such itens are:

    -Intermediate Oracle Blessing Learning Crystal

    -Advanced Oracle Blessing Learning Crystal

    Thanks and regards


    GM changed the image in the fórum instead of inserting the crystals on the Supermarket

    Tired of waiting for those crystals.



    I don't think so, but not sure. What i know is that you could get only 1 voucher by migrating your account.

    Anyway this option was available and since its still in the home page after logging, i think it makes sence.

    If i'm wrong, i apologize but i don't have any way to test it.

    Well, if in the past you invested real money on DP, then you might be able to win a VOUCHER to redeem after the migration and get some extra Diamonds.

    DP and SH are independent games with some diferences on the playgame.

    Migrating an account will reward you a voucher in that conditions. That's all about it, i think.

    Best regards


    First of all i have used the shearch tool but i couldnt find anything regarding this subject so i decided to create a new topic.

    Hope i'm not wrong...

    Anyway i would like to ask to all of you to post here your Builds regarding Bow and GunBlade if possible.

    This, including how you did distribut your stat points, and your skill points.

    What kind of shards you are using.

    Your personal opinion about your build.

    Anything you may consider important, you can post it too.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards,


    I loved your videos showing how GunBlade works.

    Thanks to that, i would like to ask for a Ranger - GunBlade Guide, including all the masteries and skills points added if possible.

    I would apreciate if anyone is willing to help with this matter.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards,

    Hello Eva. I had the same problem as you last week after formating C. Please find the right tread. They got there another client you must download. I post there few days ago só it wont be hard to find i guess. Sorry um right now..cant help you better.

    Just to let people know that today i have formated C and same issue is happening to me. Right now, I'm downloading the client given in this topic. Hope it solves the problem.


    Guess i never get my wishes granted... And just bouoght some itens from the LUCKY SALE TODAY 08.Out.2019 and got nothing from them.


    -1 Furniture Backpack Lucky Box - Got from it NOTHING!!!

    -Consumables Gacha - Got from it NOTHING!!!

    Is it a BUG?

    Please GM correct this!

    Until further instructions from GM TEAM i won't spent any more DIAS in the game.

    Thanks in advance!!!