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    I would like to get additional information ( if possible ) about the following:

    Today someone sent a worldchat speaking about a world boss in Korhala, around the 2nd City. When i arrived there, there were like 14 worldbosses similar to thiefs. We killed them all. I got around 17 boxes, each one gave me 40 essences for enchanted cores. I even got some cores from those boxes.

    My question is:

    Was this some kind of event? Its normal to find worldbosses like this one? How often do they spawn? Do they spawn always in same regions?

    Any additional information would be much apreciated.

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    So to clarify every player around there:

    1. Lair Manager has disapeared from Sky Island B19;

    2. People have been concentrating around Lair Manager in Arteicia ( Laedis region );

    3. Don't forget to look in channel 1. ( There are people lost in channel 2 );

    4. If you want to receive egg caring, do the steps above.

    Hope this helps.



    I would like to know how many Portuguese/Brasilian players are around in Savage Hunt.

    Maybe we can unite in a single guild and have fun together.

    My name ingame: Invernal

    Just whisper or email me.

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    Enjoy :-)<3;):*:love::saint:<3


    Regarding the big downtime of the servers, which i totally undrstand and apreciate, I want to ask if there will be any kind of compensation time to the players. As you all know, there are certain mechanisms in the game where all time counts. One is egg hatching, for example.

    A downtime like this could negatively interfere with various processes and waste the efforts that the players were already undertaking to achieve a certain end!

    Thanks in advance

    Keep the great work

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