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    That's my bad, sorry, I meant that the trigger was right in front of the boss room entrance, not the dungeon entrance, I accidentally used the wrong word there.

    But yes, if you actually leave the dungeon then the egg will no longer be there, but if you run to near the portal at the start of the dungeon the egg trigger might reload since you'd be far enough away from it. It should trigger correctly when you run past it again. The egg will be triggered every time you enter the boss room, regardless of whether you actually get a soul gaze from the boss.

    The trigger point for all of the egg spawns are always somewhere just in front of the boss room entrance but, depending on how fast your internet is, you may need to go in and out of the boss room a few times or run all the way back to the starting area of the dungeon so that it has a chance to reload. You can all trust me on that since I'm currently in the process of checking them all and I've had to run back and forth endlessly to try and trigger the eggs to spawn xD

    Once I'm done I'll be sure to post a guide with all of the egg locations so you can all check that out if you can't find an egg; it should help you figure out if your egg hasn't spawned or if you simply haven't seen where it spawned in

    Usually this happens towards the end of the event no?

    Yeah, it usually happens near the end or just after the event.

    That's all well and good, but can we expect a Marketplace update with the costumes/weapons associated with the Lunar New Year Event any time soon?

    Unfortunately, as of right now we don't have a definite release date for the Lunar New Year marketplace items, but hopefully it should be out soon

    Belzie is correct, while all of the dragons are for free in the form of Soul Gazes, occasionally a few of the common dragons will pop up for sale in the marketplace. You need only do some of the dungeons a few times to get them, so buying them from the marketplace won't give you any sort of advantage

    Thanks for question Nymbil!

    As Aykalia has pointed out, you are unable to level a dragon from the Dragon Chamber, only the Dragon Lair. If your dragon is in the Lair and still you have a problem with levelling then may I please have a screenshot?

    1st you're playing DP, not SH. DP has marketplace dragons you have to buy for diamonds in the marketplace, SH has all those dragon's too but they are rare dungeon drops.

    We actually also now have some marketplace dragons in the marketplace - they are all dragons that you can get from soul gazes in the dungeons - so don't worry too much, all dragons are still free, there's now just the option of buying dragons as well.

    Attention Streamers!

    Are you active on platforms like YouTube or Twitch and like to stream what you’re playing? Maybe even while playing Savage Hunt?

    Then now is your chance to widen your reach!

    If you send us your channel you have the chance to be advertised by us for the next 7 days. Where will it be advertised? On our forum, the launcher and of course on our facebook page!

    In the forum we are going to put up a permanent advertisement that will look similar to the box for the discord server.

    In the Launcher there will be a button like the one showing the Kindred Compass, or right now, Olandra.

    Of course we are not just going to pick one streamer that we are going to advertise, we will be switching through.

    Additionally, we are going to give away a nice streamer package at the end of the 7 days, that will be raffled between all participants. It will contain a complete costume + weapon skin, a Brasten Raybin and all sorts of useful things that a streamer could use in their daily Savage Hunt routine.

    Brasten Raybin looks like this:

    You can apply by messaging Catarix on the forum.

    Please include the following information: Your channel name and link, your character name, your server, the language that you stream in and if you’ve got one, your logo.

    Please make the subject of the message clear so we can find it fast ;)

    The event ends in:


    What are you waiting for? Start your streams and let’s go!

    Thanks to everyone who turned up to help save the princess from the nasty dragon yesterday, and special thanks to Aquatic, Genkster and Razayel who were the first, second and third to reach the top of the tower respectively!

    Here we have some screenshots from the game for those who could not make it.

    Below we also have some awesome videos made by Aquatic:

    I hope everyone enjoyed this fun little event! We had some great feedback from you guys and hopefully we will be able to do some similar events in the future~ :*

    As everyone above has said, they're pretty much just for the fun of getting a married title. Most people I've seen just do it for a joke, but I've got to agree with DemonFang, I have seen some people who seem to take it quite seriously. However, you'll get people like that in every game; those who marry each other in game for the enjoyment of it and those who mUST TAKE IT VERY SERIOUSLY.

    Personally, I've never married anyone forever alone, but if you think it's worth the diamond to have your best friend or SO's name to show off to everyone then go for it! (partyparrot)

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Skymaw and I am the new Trial Game Master for the English Savage Hunt server. As no one other than my fellow GMs will know me, I will give you all a brief introduction to myself. I look forward to spending time with all of you and helping everyone out where I can! I love helping out new players so feel free to talk to me at any time, I promise I don’t bite.

    I have been playing Dragon’s Prophet for many years, starting back on the North American server and migrating to the European one after its closure several years ago. After a short hiatus from the game I decided to join Savage Hunt and see what all of the fuss was about. Suffice to say, I enjoy this version of my favourite MMO very much and I hope to watch it flourish in the years to come. I’ve played many different MMO RPGs in my time, but I always find myself coming back to Dragon’s Prophet eventually as it was the first online game I ever tried and it never fails to give me that sweet sense of nostalgia whenever I play it.

    I am also a huge dragon nerd! I love anything and everything dragon or dinosaur related and spend much of my time playing games that involve them. My favourite films are How To Train Your Dragon and Jurassic Park, and my favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. I’m also a great lover of Marvel and DC :3

    Hopefully we will all be able to get to know each other and have plenty of fun in this awesome game! <3