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    Are you... trolling? A simple copy + paste into Google Translate makes it easy to see that Freyah agrees with the OP. There is no argument to be had on that concept.

    Im not trolling. But well looky here they actually manage to make g.t to work (90%)
    Well bugger me.

    apologies i thought it was still a useless tool ^^

    I bet they would fix it right away. That is if they knew how it is being exploited. You can't figure something out just by snapping your fingers.

    If they dont know then just give it back and monitor the logs like they do in SH.

    How about Fixin the compass in DP.
    Coz we also like to spin the wheel ^^

    ye ye playing is a torture you normal don;t care but what about my 50% drop potion keep torturing me when i try to do grind instances...:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    take a screenshot at ask gms to help u out with it. you dont have anything to lose.

    and i do care coz i want to play and not get dc'd every 5-10 mins like now -.-

    1rst. only 2 channels for him.

    2nd i did have a friend to break the shield but my hit did not count for some reason, so i lost the tame.

    3rd it not a serious problem, this is a game that no1 gives a shit about any more.

    4rth. this is one of the longest events it should have been made better.

    5th ppl want to cap more than 1 randolph then they might get good stats.

    6th i bring down the shield really fast +it was right after server was FINALLY up from crash

    7th when i see ppl there first i let them be coz im not an asshole ^^

    8. this is just a post for me to vent. i was never expecting anyone to do anything.

    i had a lot of patient thank you very much. and i know that they would never do anything in the game im not a new player u know.

    Be nice my ass. Most ppl in dp are not nice and thats a fact.

    Im not expecting them to do nothing im just venting my frustration and anger.

    That would be stupid because someone would tag it and then leave and no one could be able to capture it. I suggest not removing his shield (1 snowball away from breaking it)) unless you're CERTAIN there's no one around. If someone's there let them break the shield so they be on a kind of cooldown for throwing snowballs and throw one yourself.

    no thats stupid coz ppl dont break the shield they wait for u to do so like they did to me. if someone starts it and then leave as u say, then it should have a cd so when they do leave someone else may try .

    Hey heres an idea.X( Make randolphs claim to tame from the First hit and not the last. Coz then i dont have to do all the work to bring him down and then some mother fucker coming to deliver last hit and steal him.

    It has happen twice to me and im pissed. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    The old channels 1 and 3 were the same, so there was only two channels in arteicia. In NA there was 4 channels in pretty much every zone, but 1 and 3 were the same and 2 and 4 too

    i see 3 ppl there not just one. and mage god skill will kill both bosses easy so ppl fighting for the spot will kill bosses even if they dont want to . i still remember when we had more than 1 channel and it was amazing.

    also 2 ppl grinding pirates is a bit annoying. it takes forever -.-