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    Hello! Thank you very much for answering!! :)

    And great answer! You said pretty much everything that I wanted to know.

    I guess the only thing I still need to be sure of is the "special effect" for Elemental Damage

    The thread mentions it being something about critical hits, but they seem to be unsure whether it's critical chance or damage

    Hello! Thank you for visiting my topic!

    (I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this, so, if it isn't, please notify me :/ )

    So, First Question:

    What is the difference between magic damage, dragon spell damage, natural damage and elemental damage? How do "main damage attribute" of skills work compared to other damage types on the same skill? Are dragon spell/natural/elemental damage only affected by items and buffs or are they affected by stats as well?

    Second Question:

    What exactly is Spirit Shield? How does it work? For what I've gathered in the game, that's what makes monsters invulnerable to CC, and I have a skill that says it "deals massive damage to spirit shield", but even after using that skill on the monsters (a few times), I still can't freeze them. How does this mechanic work??

    Edit:(Third question solved. I forgot my skytouched dragon had gear on. My apologies)

    Sorry for the lack of knowledge, and thank you in advance!!

    you need to run a dungeon several thousands times in order to "find" the "real" drop rate of something, or you need to have a staff member tell you. also the GMs specified there is a single rare dragon among the 5 soulgaze dragons in a dungeon (cold iron is the one from tangaora, i personally invested about 400 runs in order to get him) all 4 others have the same amount of dropping. for example lets say a soulgaze has ~15% chance of drop, then look at the chances of getting any of the "regular" dragons qhich would be ~24.5% and the rare one ~2%. these are random numbers i just pulled off, dont quote me on them. then the egg spawn location is just randomized between a couple set spawning points.

    Thank you for the reply. I'm aware that my statistics are nowhere near the real droprate, but i thought it might help, at least if someone wants to compare to their own run count to keep tabs and such.

    I didn't know there was a "rare" dragon among the possible dragons. Thanks, I'll take that into account when I'm farming for soulgaze next.

    (ps: I've just noticed now that i've never noticed the stuff about rares on the guide i've been following. my bad :/)

    I thought of mentioning the egg spawn locations since in the guide I've seen, the part about egg spawn locations on each dungeon was empty, so i thought it might help.

    Anyway, thanks again for the reply.

    Nothing new, but some statistics for drop rates in case it's useful:

    Got 2 soul gazes in 28 runs in tangaroa abandoned mine (that would be roughly 7% drop rate). Did more runs (got a total of 4 soul gazes) but i only really started counting after the second.

    Dragons gotten, in order: Green Steel, Fire Emperor, Fire Emperor, Cold Iron. All dragons are already mentioned in the guide, just some statistics i guess.

    The egg appeared in 4 different places when i did it: First soulgaze, egg appeared behind lockjaw spawn. Second soulgaze, egg appeared in the little room behind the boss. Third soulgaze egg appeared near where the dungeon ancient for tangaroa spawns. Fourth soulgaze egg also appeared in the little room behind the boss, but on the opposite side from before.

    Hope this helps.