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Thursday is maintenance day (starting at 10:00 CET)! We are trying to keep it as short as possible.

    Dear community,

    Some may know me, others may not.

    For those that do not, I’m Aschente, your local walking oven, always prepared to give you a nice warm slice of apple pie.

    However, I am sad to tell you all, that the oven has ran out of fuel, and there are no fresh apples left to make those delicious apple pies.

    I’ve always enjoyed interacting with you guys and gals, relaying information in the shadows and trying to make the world of Artecia a better place by fighting those damn Shax.
    But all good things must come to an end, and it is too time for me to follow in the footsteps of those before me, and let the next generation rise to the top.

    Maybe one day, we’ll meet again at the Golden Claw Inn and share your amazing adventures.
    But until then, farewell.

    With Love,

    Good Evening Osiran,
    Due to lack of participation, we are bringing together the three communities for this event. There will therefore be only one winner for all communities.
    You will find below the links to the participant's screeshots, we invite you to Like :thumbup: the post of your favorite winter-decorated house.

    Update: as not all players have all languages enabled on the forum, you might not see the original posts. We added the pictures below so you can vote in this thread aswell by just commenting below with the name of your favorite player house. (Likes on the original post will still count)

    The winner, as owner of the most beautifully winter-themed house, will be rewarded with all of the Snowmen furniture items and 1000 Diamonds.

    The Player Oblivionsending was the first to find all 18 names and has appeased the Legendary Dragons, the server is back up again!
    Here are all the names:

    Lonnier, Fadero, Vita, Sammos, Jalee, Hadubis, Yermizaar, Habarace, Agno, Riemist, Methus, Morgath, Kronos, Warthorne, Lysaia, Ferniax, Oziak and Atricus!

    Apologies for the late response

    Winter Wonderland

    We wish you all a Happy New Year!

    *flips through some notes*

    How's it that I'm 14 days late? Hm...? I don't know what you're talking about, must be a timezone thing.

    Winter has been cold this year, hasn't it?

    Well, not that cold actually. But still! It is cold enough to enjoy a warm and crackling fire in the fireplace.

    However, that alone is not a decent winter decoration for one's house!

    Osira, now is the time to show off your decoration skills!

    You have from the 14th to the 21st of January to set up your home as a real winter wonderland and post your screenshots here under this thread.

    Then, from the 21st to the 28th, the players will vote for the house that has the best winter-vibes!

    We shall reward the owner of the most beautifully winter-themed house with all of the Snowmen furniture items and 1000 Diamonds.


    • only 1 entry per player
    • add your Charactername
    • it has to be winter themed
    • 1 winner per language
    • do only participate in one language!


    • 1000 Diamonds
    • all Snowmen (total of 7)

    Osiras, before you can claim to know your enemies, you must know your allies.

    Do you have this knowledge? Let us check it out this November 13th, with a simple little test:

    Your GMs will tell you a lot about them, and you'll have to differentiate between true and false!

    For each statement, you will have to indicate whether or not the GM is lying.

    You will prove that you know him, and that you will therefore be able to know your enemies as well.

    But what is a test without stakes?

    On November 13th, the GMs will release on Auratia the terrible, feared, terrible... Piñata.

    Unless you can prove to them that you know them well!

    In which case, instead of releasing the monster, they will confine it in a smaller, cuter, transportable body.

    Hence, instead of spreading destruction and confetti like plague, Piñata will be able to work by your side to make Auratia great again (By looting the corpse you leisurely leave behind you).

    Brave Osira, as always, all eyes are on you. Save Auratia from this candy Armageddon! - because of course, the stakes are real!

    To achieve this, meet your GMs on the 13th of November around 21:00 CET at Aschente’s Apartment on Baerton Crystalwake Isle (B27).

    The player who seems to know the GMs as best will win, as promised, the Piñata Companion!

    But of course, every participant will get some candy.


    So to clear a few things up:

    1. Dragon's Prophet uses DirectX 9.0c
    2. DirectX 10, 11 or 12 are installed by default on windows 10 (depending on which version of windows 10, etc)
      (that said, DirectX 10, 11 and 12 are not backwards compatible with 9. you still need to install it sperately)
    3. DirectX 9 isn't the same as 9.0c
    4. An anti-virus scanner, does not catch all viruses. As Ildruin mentioned before, please refrain from using;
      1. one-click-hosters,
      2. url shorten services,
      3. and non-official installers/downloads
    5. if you need a copy of DirectX 9.0c you can find it here:…oad/details.aspx?id=34429

    If (re) installing 9.0c doesn't work, I'd be happy to see the actual error you're getting (if any) that could indicate the root cause of the issue.

    With kind regards,


    gamigo System Maintenance

    Dear Community,

    We'll be having a planned System Maintenance on the 1st of October at 7:00 CEST.

    Some of our systems will be unavailable during that time.

    The following systems will be affected by this:

    • The Gamigo Portal
    • The Cash Shop
    • The Account Registration System
    • The Password Reset functionality

    Additionally it will not be possible to connect to any servers, the servers themselves will not be shut down.

    This means if you connect to the server before the maintenance, you will be able to stay online and continue playing.

    This also means that if you get disconnected during the maintenance, you will not be able to reconnect until the maintenance is over.

    We hope that the functions listed above will be back up before 10:00 CEST.

    However we are unable to provide an exact end time for the maintenance.

    We will update you when more information becomes available.

    We are grateful for you patience,

    Your gamigo team

    Have you tried running the game as an administrator?

    Right click the two exe's -> properties -> compatibility -> run as administrator

    You might also want to check your anti-virus solution, it may be blocking the game from loading the files properly.

    Hello fellow dragon riders,

    I’m Aschente, your favourite house hold popcorn machine.

    Pleased to meet you.

    I’m here to help you as much as I can.

    Be it technical issues or you have a question. I am happy to help you.

    I have a background in IT and QA and am an avid MMO player myself so I hope we can get along.

    And with the introduction done…

    The drinks at the Arteicia bar are on me!

    Kind regards,