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    Sooooo much text Regole haha =)

    It makes no sense to "play" a game and buy everything from the marketplace.... the point of a game is to progress by doing something not putting your money in and buy everything with some mouse clicks.

    If you don't have the time to play a game or decide it is not worth to farm something, than stop grinding or stop playing that game.

    It is clear that someone with more freetime and effort will achieve certain things faster than others with less time, but exactly that is the point in an MMORPG and many other games!

    You simply should not be able to buy everything straight with your money! The point of a game is to invest time and get things done by your own.

    In my opinion, there should be a nice balance between items/things you can spent your real money on and things you just have to invest your time in to get them.

    *With this post I'm done in this thread*^^

    I guess it is locked to 60hz... and even if you can change the setting it won't effect or change the game, because most of the settings are not effecting the games quality or performance.

    Well, the argument that people don't have time for certain things to grind is not valid in my eyes.

    I mean, I understand that many people do work all day and have to go to bed early in the evening and these people do have my respect, but putting everything into the marketplace makes for real money makes no sense.

    What about the Laedis 102 set? These people don't have time to grind for it, or at least it takes them ages to get it, but that is not an valid argument to sell the set in the marketplace for exactly that people.

    Ok, it's an bad example, because the one thing is an costume and the other real armor, but I hope you get it what I mean^^

    There simply are some items, things you just have to invest time to get it.

    The event isn't that hard and if someone really wants something specific, he or she is able to get.

    I agree with Tenkai's post. It is an event exclusive item and that's the point why it should not be sold on the marketplace.

    Just wait for the event and farm it then, as we all did. What's the point of buying everything? Save your money, wait for the event and once you got it you or your friend will be happy even more :)

    The questions is not wether we become a GM or not.

    The question is, who is interested in work that is not paid? Well, I mean, being the/a GM of a online game is a nice "job" even when it is not paid, but who wants to do this for a almost dead game and that much of restriction to make things happen?

    Well, I'm also playing on a AMD-GPU but the only time the game crashes sometimes is when I'm trying to enter the islands when there is a war in progress.

    So Oracle are unbalanced because they have a heal... sreiously? Heal = God? I really didnt know that...

    If you go back and read my post again, but this time, carefully, you will notice I did not say oracle is unbalanced specificly because their heal. It's the playstyle YOU ARE ABLE to play a oracle. =)

    Rangers, Guardians and Wizards do have their positive sides aswell, I played all of them long enough, but oracle is in almost every point the better choice :)

    My itention was not to start a war xD, so please calm down and compose your post a little bit friendlier next time :)

    That is not true at all. For PvP at least. Guards are super good in PvP because pretty much all of their attacks stagger their opponents and rangers have a lot of abilities to stun and restrain the movement of their opponents while doing decent damage from afar. I'm not saying magic classes are bad, but saying they are above physical classes in PvP is over rating them. All classes do insane amount of damage due to being carried by gear, but if we gave all 4 classes blue gear with similar stats (respective to their magical/physical attributes), Ranger would probably be top, then Oracle, then Guardian and last would be Sorcerer. Things also depend heavily on the skill one's have playing their class. I main guard, have 0 shards and my gear isn't overstat, but I can shut down an oracle with way better gear simply because they don't play the class well.

    All classes are good in pvp with the right gear and knowledge :)

    What I meant is, that you can enjoy pvp in a more positive way as a oracle or two handed mage with less time and work investing in gear. It's just what I saw and noticed in the time from game release till now.

    In the end. the best class is the class that fits best to your playstyle and preferences :)

    Oracle is by far the best class, it's just way too unbalanced.

    It is perfect for solo player and also very good in groups.

    You can tank, deal a lot of damage, heal yourself and your mates and give buffs.

    That's the reason why there are so many oracles around in comparison to all other classes.

    But mage/wizard is also a good damagedealer and can really hurt their enemys.

    Magic classes are stronger in pve and pvp, that's a fact, where physical classes are also good when they got good gear but they are more hard to play than mage/wizard and oracle in my opinion.

    +1 for Dragon's Prophet

    It does feel more populated nowadays.

    The only thing Savage Hunt has that makes it a bit better is the feature of getting all dragons for free.

    .... but it is very expensive to get storeslots for your dragons and there is not even enough to store all... and dragon's are just good for giving buffs and dying.

    So when it comes to fighting stuff wheter pve or pvp, Dragon's Prophet is for sure the right choice...

    if you prefer just to collect dragons like you did in pokemon, Savae Hunt is the better game, but keep in mind, the game is more expensive and does not offer what it usually should

    ... Gamigo has been building Savage Hunt from the ground up with a supposedly new way of programming. ... They must have something special coming that DP can't handle because of different programming. ... Was the new programming for Savage Hunt created so it would interface with a phone ap (like for the dragon lair)? It's been hinted at that Savage Hunt will get some exclusive content. Maybe it will maybe it won't. We will see.

    Just a simple nope xD

    Dragon's Prophet code is almost identical to that from Savage Hunt.

    You can't change some few lines of code and expect the game to run so much different. It's the code-structure that has to be changed to receive a different result and that's something Runewaker for sure did not invest their resources in just for an low EU publisher to release the same game again for a handful of people.

    When it comes to programming, I know exactly what I'm talking about^^

    My quick opinion on both games.

    Dragons Prophet: The real game you should play to have the most fun

    Savage Hunt: Well, just a simple copy of DP, with a small bonus feature and way to high marketplace prices, you don't even have enough space to store every dragon...

    Collecting dragons is the one thing, but getting a use out of it is the other thing and that is sadly not given in Dragons Prophet/Savage Hunt.

    The only thing dragons are good in both games is giving buffs and dying...

    Collect as many dragons as you want and let them get dusty in your stable, once the 105 cap is released, it's the same game....

    Just an idiotic idea in my opinion, splitting the already low playerbase of Dragons Prophet on two games.... *facepalm*

    I simply don't get the idea behind Savage Hunt, but well, everyone is free to play what he/she enjoys most ;)

    There are still old players playing DP but some also switched to SH.

    The population of both games is almost equal. I also noticed a increase in population in DP since I started playing again like 2 weeks ago (I'm a very old player too and also just returned to the game^^).

    I mean, I saw a lot more people hanging around in Arteicia and playing actively day for day^^

    It's a real shame DP isn't getting the love it deserves. If it was only from me, that game would be published everywhere and bugs would be fixed ASAP. Unfortunately, we're stuck waiting on RW..

    It really is... DP could still be the best and most popular free to play MMORPG these days after so many years if runewaker just kept up their development and support.

    I had some direct conversations with runewaker via email about 2 years ago to get information about what the publisher was/is not telling us... it was the time when they were developing their "new" game called Guardians of Ember so they just told me they are not focusing DP development atm (2 years ago) because they need the resources for GoE, but they are still interest in developing DP in future...

    well since then, DP also never got new content, except the small changes and features we got with Savage Hunt, like the function to inspect other players....

    I tried to get in conversation with them again like a week ago, but I still did not get any response from them :/

    Hey there, Gamigo is just the publisher for for the EU servers, as I know there are only EU servers left..., Gamigo took over the system/database/servers from Infernum, which was the first publisher for the EU playerbase.

    I guess the take over from Gamigo was last year or the year before. NA servers are offline for a long time now.

    Unfortunately Infernum did not transfer the NA accounts to EU servers and Gamigo, even if they want, can not transfer them to EU.

    So, the answer is no, you won't get your old account from NA back... it's gone :(

    You can play again, by making a new account on EU servers but you have to start from zero again :(

    I'm sorry for you.. :(

    Same problem...

    Whenever I use my skills, my fps drops and sometimes my screen freezes aswell... this only happens while combat...

    No problems while running or flying around in the world.

    I didn't have that problem with dragons prophet... so it must be a problem with the "changes" gamigo did to this game...

    WELL DONE at this point to gamigo

    This new dragon collect system will fail if they don't implement an additional way of getting more dragons slots with ingame money.

    I'm actually able to have 4 dragons in a game with the main focus of dragon taming..... briliant implementation...

    I'm not going to spend money in this game, when I already unlocked everything in dragon's prophet for 2 charakters.

    -Guides. We need GUIDES!

    • There is too much in this game with very little explanations. Such as the Auction House. To you it may seem like a simple endeavor but I'm having a difficult time on understanding how to post things on the auction house to sell. Other things also need to be included in guides. The Tool tips; If I'm not already aware, there is no way to go back and review them.

    Just search for "Dragons Prophet Guides" it's the completly same game and there are already a lot of guides for it. It makes no sense to write the same guides/tutorials for the same game again just because it changed his name. ;)