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    Lately i came to believe, that this game is died and buried for Runewaker, they don´t seem to care about! Otherwise you would been seeing news all over the place!

    Darktigress wrote:

    I love that idea. If Gamigo did take it they could just say that the War was lost the Shax won and now we have to reclaim. All the worlds leading up to Sitheran stay the same. Then after they make what they want. Maybe we complete the reclaiming though some big event and everything goes happy again.

    Oh no! They didn't win! In my fan fiction...Without over revealing very basic all our characters died, the shax died, the exiles(well they are osirians too) died. Kronos was revived, but his body was once again destroyed, that´s was our characters sacrifice. Oh god! how do i this without revealing everything? oks! Big blast, lot of death, allot of destruction, new curse, osirians lose ability to resonance with any new dragon, and not revealing anything more until i am finish writing that prologue! XD


    I mean if you're a DEV and know how DPs script goes I guess you could

    If i was rich enough to buy the the game, i would also be more than enough to hire a dev team.


    I mish I could win the lotto and send them a couple millions so they'd start developing the game again

    I would join you in that idea if get rich too! XD However i would buy the game rights!

    I will be honest, i see lot of stuff in the market store, the i like, but i wont invest money in dead game. I really love the game, the idea is amazing, however, if they want me to spend money on it, i need to be sure that the game is here for the long run.

    And like me, i am pretty sure allot of players alike.

    So until i start seeing active reports of stuff coming for the game (game fixes, new content, optimizations), i wont have enough confidence to spend anything here.


    Don't get me wrong i love DP/SH but if no more new content is to come witch every year so far is looking grim , so will this really end up like DP for the next year's to come ? (Getting nowhere fast)

    Just wish there was more communication for you guy's so we can hear some good new's that SH will carry on but with new content.

    To be honest when DP came out i was all full of hopes, because i loved the game idea, i really thought Runewaker, would actually keep working on getting new content and fixes for the game, and i would be able to play a great game, from is birth, like so old WOW, like to brag about.

    However as time went on, i start realizing that runewaker, wasn´t that much interested in working that much in the game.


    Just to compare it, if you are really talented in fantasy writing, you can't just walk up to George R. R. Martin and straight up by the rights to finish A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones for television folks ^^ ).
    Even if you made a good offer, he probably wouldn't want to give it up.How did you know that i write fantasy writing? XD

    G.R.R. Martin its making millions, and always surrender by very young (almost anime like) Girls, so i am not expecting the book to come out any time soon. XD

    However, it would take me allot of effort and time to get close to his work! But i have no doubt that could write better and very much interesting story for DP/SH.

    I even have some fan fiction that i made for the game story, where i made even that almost ended the world of Auratia, so that i could rebuild the world as i please, and make characters and every thing around to suit better the base of the game story.

    FFXI did just that with the a realm reborn! And players are monthly paying to play it.

    Let´s discuss ideas then! I completely forgot about the teleport ability!

    And being also wandering if this idea would help improve the game income, that in change would improve the game development!

    So to people reading it! post below what could be add to the subscription option, if it did exist, and why!

    Lately i have been wondering, about this game being free to play, and questioning if this game should have a option of subscription as well.

    I say this because, it´s getting annoying, wanting to have basic stuff like space for dragons, inventory, and bank. Wanting to delete dragons skills, train then. And all this costing allot in diamonds.

    Since i know the publisher needs to make money from game to keep it running, i wonder why there isn´t a subscription way to play this game, where by paying monthly fee, i get all those perks, while also helping the publisher maintaining the game.

    But i am not saying that the game should stop being free to play, just saying that he could also have sub option.

    What do you guys think?

    Shame no other developer company has interest in buying DP/SH from runwaker, and take it to another stage! to show then that with little work you can get allot of money! since that´s the only sound they seem willing to listen to.

    I have i7 with ASUS Strix GTX 960, more 16gb ram, and i am lagging like hell in this game! how si this possible? You guys must really ask runwaker to make the optimizations that this game needs, or change in engine to help! This game as so much potential, such a waste to lose it because the development party is too lazy to work!

    Crash to windows! Any way for us to do anything from our side so that we can stop it? I a really have been wanting to ask, does gamingo intends for Savage hunt to become a better version of DP, or just the same! because so far i am starting to wander, what did really change besides prices, and dragon being all free to catch! What about performance? Better textures, better dialogues? Can´t find anything regarding this matter online! Anyone has link?

    I decided to try to make character in savage, however after starting, i noticed that there aren't that many players around, plus to unlock basic stuff like inventory and dragons stuff! there is any way for me to unlock this stuff in game, even if needs more grind? Because when it comes to diamonds, omgd i got 3k diamonds, but this prices are absurd!

    Dragon lair 500 diamonds each!

    Dragon team 300 each slot

    inventory slots 320 each

    mastery sets 975 each

    So there is any way to bypass this? like weekend discounts, or events prizes or missions?:w