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    This is an ongoing issue with Savage Hunt and Dragons Prophet. I have been trying off an on for a couple years to install Savage Hunt, so I could play, but have never been able to install it successfully. This is on 3 totally different types of computers as well... so it is not a computer issue, it is a game issue. I have never had a problem successfully installing and playing any other game. I was able to install DP on one of the 3 computers after many tries and doing all sorts of things, at the end of which I have no idea what actually made it work .. and played it for a couple of years, but cannot install on my new computer successfully either. This is unfortunate and Gamigo says its not on their end so, even though they make suggestions to try to fix.. none work for me .. Its unfortunate because DP is a great game so can only assume SH is as well, just no interest from Gamigo to make sure people can actually install and play the game.

    I think it's more because the group gets filled immediately, than that they do not want you in. Usually people do not care about who joins loot groups (unless they really hate that one player) cuz all they do is boosting the loot, so anyone will work.

    DragonProtector they got banned most probably because the guy that got attacked sent a screenshot containing his combat log proving that he got attacked. And since GMs are well, GMs, they won't take the time to play as a lawyer for every case like this, they ban on evidence of a crime.

    Yes, I know what you say to be true too. Its just frustrating.

    I still am waiting for rg loot runs but no one does them when I am on.

    Same here, or when there are the occasional one or two loot groups announced while I am on, I am usually not added. Think this is due to people picking those they are more familiar with. I am not in the loot groups enough for most players op enough to run RG to be familiar with me.... basically boils down to very limited game time.

    They are only scumbags when they break the rules and kill players holding eggs in what is supposed to be a protected area. I personally refused to go egg care on B19 because it was a pvp zone. I am not geared for pvp in the slightest, and yet there are those who think its fun to just kill other players if they can get by with it. I do liken this to bullying. If I choose to go to an area that I know is pvp, then I can expect to be killed there, such as, territory wars.

    Any chance Misty Shroud Blue Prints will be available again for us? I, unfortunately, had to work during the flash sale, so was unable to obtain one at that time, but certainly would have if I could have. I'm in dire need of more space and storage than my current Secret Apartment allows.. I've spent the past 3 days shuffling things to alts to make room, so I can put my nests out in lieu of storage containers for other things I need stored. I really hope these become available again sometime soon. Hopefully, not while I am working. =P

    Hey everyone,

    I am having issues installing either of these games to a working condition. Both can be downloaded and installed, but when clicking on the icon and loading the launcher, my DP launcher is empty with no play button or anything else... my SH launcher loads and I am able to click play.. but then it loads a black screen and doesn't seem to be receiving data. I was playing before but was told by support that I was using the wrong client, they sent me a Zip file link to dl for DP and a link for SH, which is what I used to download both games. Oh and yes, I deleted the "dragoon" folder in documents.. Anyone have any advice or help?