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    Thats something was forbidden before because the deferents of langue we speak even they was Cant make channels in the game speak deferents langue . what changs happen to make you wana merging all existing servers ?

    Thank you



    you will need to check-file integrity with someone you trust to see if ther broken file inside your game .

    cant provide link her because it will be deleted .

    search google for program name [ md5 checker ] or [ MultiHasher ]

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    yes but i already show above the error i get in windows10 in the picture link and when i try to install the directx 9.0c web install from microsoft its didn't install because its requirement previously windows so i searched in my dvds source for dirctx 10/11 and install it from old graphic card driver then the game work fine . so i uplode it to uplode site and say to ppl to go online scanner and gives the link for it also because the online antivirus scanner is more powerfully than any singel antivirus because he include all antivirus engine inside .

    any way gamigo need to store all the requirements software to make her game work good in all systems we have in her storge server becuse it will be trusted more any thing :thumbup:

    Edit [ and this screen will show you what will happen when try to install DirctX 9.0C from on windows10 ]

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    So to clear a few things up:

    1. Dragon's Prophet uses DirectX 9.0c
    2. DirectX 10, 11 or 12 are installed by default on windows 10 (depending on which version of windows 10, etc)
      (that said, DirectX 10, 11 and 12 are not backwards compatible with 9. you still need to install it sperately)
    3. DirectX 9 isn't the same as 9.0c
    4. An anti-virus scanner, does not catch all viruses. As Ildruin mentioned before, please refrain from using;
      1. one-click-hosters,
      2. url shorten services,
      3. and non-official installers/downloads
    5. if you need a copy of DirectX 9.0c you can find it here:…oad/details.aspx?id=34429

    If (re) installing 9.0c doesn't work, I'd be happy to see the actual error you're getting (if any) that could indicate the root cause of the issue.

    HAHAHA is That Realy worng to say thank you on the end ?

    or you ppl dont wana help when u ask ?

    or u wana ask only the [GM] ?

    if u dont need help from users i will stop care about HELPING Ppl and will be inactive user

    And ther is online virus scanner you can test any thing with before u run the file it have include 60 antivirus inside

    And [GM] also can test the files and say his word all i do is try to selove problem .


    search in ur old sources of dirctX10/11

    i cant give links any more because ppl upsate

    P.s [ courage Comes from the knowledge . if you dont have it so u cant handle it :D ]



    Or was just include the requirements of our game to the download page beside the client they offer to us for download .like any other online game company do drivers Nvidia drivers ATI and all versions of DirecX .

    any way for the ppl who have problems opening the game in win10 try to install old version of DirectX it will selove the problem .

    that was my problem before in my laptopcp5M69 with windos10 64bit

    hope i can help more

    Tthank you


    Modern Systems [Win7 - Win8 - Win8.1 - win10] come with installed DirectX by defult but to open an old game on new oprating system you need to get DirctX 9 and DirctX 10 installed in ur system . i get link her for DirctX9+10 together for old games and mey be selove ur problem

    Or You Can go search google for old version of DirectX 9 and 10

    hope it can work after that

    thank you


    i only say all solution to help her i give the link i download the game with and its working fine to me

    alot of systems have problems with games for something missing in it or something infected or somthing not configure right . its my jop in real to fix PC

    Thank You


    can u get screenshot of the error u got ?

    and the game is open from file name launcher.exe

    hahaha of curse he can use USB but iam speak about he mey be have infected system in the primary PC so he cant copy to the other pc so he need to be sure from the files he send by good antivirus software

    the free one from Microsoft if have updates to the day can scan the system for any unwantd thing

    Thank You

    oky first you need to be sure ther is no virus in the exe u transfer

    if u cant transfare the file from pc to pc how about you upload the all files u miss in the othe pc to ur emaill thin dounload it in ur game folder in the other pc

    before u begin upload go to that site

    its include over 60 antivirus can scan any file online to be sure every thing is going good with you

    second go see wt kind of ur system are 32bit or 64bit

    the direct link for DP classic is u need to extract the files with program name Winrar check ur system first if u have it or not after extract on the new pc open the launcher as admin by right click on him and chose the option run as administrator hope all things go good with you and see you soon play buddy


    thank you

    you need to be sure ther is no firewall blocking the game to make direct connection with the server and begin to update it

    i can give you an article to disable ur firewall but i dont know i can do that her or its forbedin

    u can get direct dounlad link and extract it from this link its from

    The nasty "dragoon" folder. This folder manages login information for both games, and sometimes the little rascal gets confused. Delete this folder (found under C: \ Users \ YOURNAME \ Documents, not in the game directory of Dragon's Prophet.

    program it used to extract name is winrar chick first if you have it in ur system before u try that link…e&subD=true&f=wrar561.exe

    hope my answer selove ur problem

    and welcome back :D