Migration, changes & current problems

  • Dear Community,

    Finally, the technical side of the migration is complete. We want to record here what has changed and what problems there currently are.


    • The Diamond Exchange Merchant has been disabled.
      • The currency exchange is currently disabled because it does not work properly in conjunction with the shared account management. Unfortunately, this problem has appeared in the literal last moment.
        Whether or how the currency exchange returns, we can not say at the moment. Please be assured that we are already working hard on a solution or an alternative. It is not excluded that other important elements for which you have to spend diamonds find their way into the dragon insignia shop.
    • All item and interface prizes have been reduced to suit the new Diamond exchange rate.


    • Your rubies are gone and you can not get rubies
      • Fixed! You can get rubies and your old rubies are back.
    • The VIP system does not credit experience. This is related to the same problem in Savage Hunt. Our IT is already working on a fix.
      • Fixed!
    • Installations that were downloaded before 20:20 CEST, 20.06, have a broken in-game Cash Shop. Please purchase your diamonds via the Savage Hunt website, if you wish. This will be fixed by a later patch.
      • This was fixed, however we are still waiting on patches for DP in general.
    • Some players get an unknown error on the migration page. Please contact me with your account details of Dragon's Prophet and Savage Hunt via private message.
    • The migration dragon that we promised can not be send out.
      • Also blocked by the no-patch situation.