[Guide] Dragon's Prophet Account Migration

  • Dear Community,

    we are finally able to bring you good news! Those of you that also play Dragon's Prophet will already be familiar with this, but let's rehash it real quick.

    If you only play Savage Hunt, you are unaffected by this!

    Dragon's Prophet will move from the old Infernum backend into the gamigo system. While doing this, we will also unify your Savage Hunt and Dragon's Prophet account.
    For this, you must connect your Dragon's Prophet account manually on this page:


    For this, you need to have a Savage Hunt account. If you do not have a Savage Hunt account, please create one here.

    After connecting your accounts, you will need to download a new Dragon's Prophet client - your old installation will not work anymore! While we are sorry for this inconvenience, it is a necessary change.

    Afterwards, you can connect to both games with the same login credentials in the format of USERNAME / PASSWORD.

    For your troubles, you will recieve a voucher code that can be redeemed with your next purchase. This voucher code will be based on what you have spend in Dragon's Prophet over the course of it's life. You can redeem your voucher and recieve the package for free, or you can use your voucher as a discount for a larger package - your choice!
    Please note that the remaining difference of the voucher will be lost! If you use a 100€ voucher code for a 25€ package, the remaining 75€ are lost! Please do not purchase a smaller package than your voucher code!


    After you have migrated your Dragon's Prophet account and thus connected it to your Savage Hunt account, everything will be as you've left it! The only thing that changes for you specifically is the login procedure.

    If you wish to have certain threads from the Dragon's Prophet forum in the new sub-category in this forum, you can fill in your suggestions here: Save Important Threads