Hide Forums

  • Dear Community,

    We combined the forums of Dragon's Prophet and Savage Hunt due to the migration. In consequence of that you will get notifications for every new thread and comment of both game versions.

    For the future we want that you just see all the notifications for the things you want to, so we prepared this little guide on how you can hide "the other forum".

    It's very simple:

    1. Go to the main page, meaning the Savage Hunt Forum.
    2. On the top right sight you can see a little eye icon. Just click on it.

    3. Now you can see a list of all forums you are able to activate and deactivate. If you want to "ignore" Savage Hunt you can click on the little icon in front of every category in the top section - submit - done. Hopefully you stop before you reach the Dragon's Prophet section :P After that you shouldn't get any notifications for new threads or comments of that forum. If you want to see a few categories of that forum you can just click on some of the category icons and hide them.

    But still: Feel free to join both forums and communitcate with the other community. We are one big "family" :P