[Guide] Let's work on Oracle!

  • Guide by BishOk

    "The Oracle bends the forces of nature to his will and wields a giant scythe. Oracles feel safest in close-combat situation where their weapon are most effective" by Dragon's Prophet

    Hi everybody, a lot of time has passed since new masteries came out and I needed some months to acquire enough experience and informations to understand how new Oracle works. I have to admit it was quite easy and now I'm ready to share my knowledge, because I want to help newcomers and show the way to some lost sheeps. The time has come!

    But first let me introduce myself: I'm a guy who hasn't got english as mother language, so I really hope I won't do any terrible mistakes. I'm not so active on forum because I always get lost and I spend most of time enjoying this game as any other player do, but the love for this game and some terrible comments made me reflect about the necessity of a guide. I really hope it will help the Oracle community and I want to apologise if something could not be clear (I'll try my best to do everything easy to understand) and I'd like to say that this is my first guide, so be patient please. This guide is intended to explain things, I'm not going to tell what to do or what to choose: every player has to explore on his own and test things on his own because everyone has different playstyles. My nickname is Daghall and I play since closed beta. I spent so many hours in game that I suppose I have a vague idea on how does this class work, but if I made some mistakes or something could be wrong I'd like to be corrected.

    Oracle, this magic stranger

    I'd like to begin with an important information: our class is magic. It's a magic melee class with many builds or playstyles and in this game you're going to have many responsibilities in a party. If you choose Oracle path keep in mind following points:

    1. You'll be the last hope of the party

    2. You'll heal more than anything/anyone else

    3. Every melee combat will be your home

    Healing spells chapter

    This chapter is very important and it requires to be explained well. Healing spells become stronger with your magic damage: the higher is your magic damage, better will be healing spells (yeah, any healing spells. It doesn't matter if it's your own oracle skill or a dragon soul skill). This is true even when you get buffs that increases your magic damage or eat some PvE foods.

    P.S. same system works on dragons.

    Attribute points

    This is the first important thing that a player will deal with: attribute points. Every level up you'll get 3 points to spend in your character window (default C). So let's see where to focus your attention.

    Strength: increases physical damage (+ 2) and physical defense (+2.2). We are a magic class, so forget about this attribute.

    Constitution: increases Health Points (+12) and Health recovery ability. Since the last patch we get the highest HP value, so keep an eye here if you want to waste some points while levelling. But remember that constitution is a common attribute and you find it on armors too.

    Ferocity: increases Critical Hit Chance (+2), Critical Hit Power (+1) and physical and magic damage (+0.8). It requires a lot of points to be effective, so better if you go for basic damage while levelling, you'll consider it later in the game.

    Intelligence: increases magic damage (+2.5) and magic defense (+2.2). Of course this is our main attribute. It doesn't matter if you're a tank, damage dealer, healer, beast master or anything else, you'll spend always some points here.

    Focus: increases physical defense (+11), armor penetration (+2) and physical damage (+0.8). Useful if you go for PvP or sort of tank build, but it's a common attribute and you find it easly on armors and jewelry too.

    Charisma: increases dragon's summoning time and its abilities. If you want to spend some points here do it while levelling, when you hit cap level there are many nice armors.

    Dragon Affinity (short DA): increases magic defense (+11), magic penetration (+2) and magic damage (+1). It helps a lot in PvE and PvP battlefields, so search for it on your armors or jewelry it will help.

    Which attributes are important for an Oracle? Well, for sure Intelligence and Dragon Affinity: first one increases Natural Damage and second one increases Dragon Spell Damage. Sometimes some players went/go for full Ferocity: if you have high damage from weapon, shards and armor set maybe is a good choice, but if you're still levelling up your character maybe is better to go for Intelligence and DA until you hit lvl60 then you can experience ferocity too. Charisma could help if you need support from dragons, but you're an Oracle who deals damage, survive and heals itself, so...better to get it from armors (or if your playstyle requires more charisma just spend some points there). Remember: charisma is not necessary to tame dragons anymore, it just longer dragons' summoning time and their abilities. Taming dragons require now Draconic Influence which you get from jewellery only.

    Anyway keep in mind that attributes spent while levelling can be reset and spent again with an item you find in marketplace, so feel free to search for your way.


    "What can do an Oracle? Many things.

    What can do a good Oracle? Everything."

    I've been told these words since I was a little Oracle lvl20 and I didn't understand their meaning. But then I grew up and get enough experience to understand that they were true.

    I saw some Oracles being used as "dragonsitter", I saw great Oracles and I saw embarassing fails too. But in this guide I'd like to ignore fails and lead the reader into the real world, where Oracles live: the battlefield.

    So now let's focus on possible builds I created to propose different playstyles. I'd like to remember one more time that these builds are just suggestions or sort of "input" to help you to find your own way.

    Build "try this stranger" (lvl1 - lvl40)

    I suggest this build to everyone who tries Oracle class for the first time. It should show how does this class work since low levels, even if you don't have any Dragon God Masteries yet (they will increase your power only).

    Lvl 1 to 6: 10 points in char + 5 int

    Odd levels (lvl 7 +): 1 cons + 2 int

    Even levels (lvl 8 +): 1 DA + 2 int

    Beast Master

    Even levels: 1 char + 2 int

    Odd levels: 2 char + 1 int

    This build is suggested for dragon lovers. Long time ago some players went for full charisma just to tame ancient dragons, but we have to focus on present and upgrade our knowledge. There are many options: you can still go for full charisma, or choose something "half and half" between charisma and damage. As Oracles we have the great power of healing spells and we can heal our companions a lot (search for dragon soul skill "Healing Light" or any other "master + pet").

    Pro: great summoning time, nice damage from dragons, great support ability and the feeling of "perfect couple" with your companion.

    Cons: useless in parties with few people where damage is needed, low AI of dragons: sometimes they don't attack or get bugged somewhere.

    Extra opinion: this build doesn't require a specific weapon or God Mastery path, so feel free to choose the one you like the most.


    3 points in int each level up

    In this game there isn't a "full healer" role, but sort of "fighting healer" and guess what..it's our role! This build is meant for support Oracles but fighting Oracles too. You get the highest basic damage (or raw damage as some experienced people call it) that means you deal a lot of damage against mobs and bosses, but with a low percentage of critical hits. Don't worry! You have to work on your armor and search for ferocity or even more intelligence and btw don't forget about constitution and DA, they always help.

    Pro: super healing spells, high damage.

    Cons: low critical hits, low charisma, not so high HP (unless you use some shards)

    Extra opinion: healer role needs talisman and Istalon path to get better healing spells, but if you choose to go for more damage then it doesn't matter what weapon you use.

    Full Damage

    35% int

    65% fer


    full ferocity

    This is one of the most common build and it helps a lot. If you use scythe or talisman it doesn't matter because both of them are good, but (as I know) most of talisman Oracles choose this path because of high damage in a few time (that means high Damage per Second or easily DPS). When you're still levelling this build will shine from lvl40 and it will assure good damage, but the chance to stay alive depends on player's skill. If we consider end game and orange sets this build makes Oracle really competitive and sometimes it can reach a ranger or even better. Anyway, search always for ferocity on your armor and try to increase your magic damage through shards or buffs.

    Pro: high crits, nice damage, medium healing spells.

    Cons: low basic damage, low bonus on special damage (ferocity doesn't rise any special damage)

    Extra opinion: better to go for talisman, but if you want to use a scythe then focus on Ciern path.


    each level: 1cons 1focus 1DA

    This is a great choice if you want to play the classic tank role. But in this game thigs work differently: sometimes happens that a damage dealer with high DPS steals aggro and the tank become totally useless. So maybe this path should be considered as a dangerous way because it turns into useless build very often.

    Pro: if nobody steals aggro you can tank a lot, high HP values, high defences

    Cons: low damage, low healing spells, low dragons' summoning time, you need shards since low levels and armors need so much attention. If you really like tank role I suggest you to go for 1handed + shield Guardian.

    Extra opinion: tank role needs Faith in Istalon path for scythe or anyway Istalon path if you want to try talisman version.


    77% int

    23% DA

    This build was born long time ago when some guys and I talked about the best Oracle build. Since when I created it I found it the best way for Oracles who wanted to have high survability. It focuses on basic Oracle's attributes and helps a lot while levelling up your character. You can decide to change it when you hit cap level, but it still works with Ciern path if you want to have some more raw damage. Remember that special damage is not so important in PvE, so don't waste points or try to increase it, just focus on raw damage first.

    In the past it was hard to manage because of low damage, low HP and white/green/blue armors. But since new masteries has come and game evolved build Apocalypse is now available for newcomers too and grants good survability with high basic damage. It is supposed to give you damage and defense (so high healing spells) but you have still to search for ferocity if you want to see some crits and charisma for your dragons.

    Pro: high damage, powerful healing spells, good defense

    Cons: low crits chance, weak dragons

    Extra opinion: it doesn't matter what weapon or masteries you choose.

    P.S. Please notice that this way will be the most complete for a growing Oracle and you'll need to put shards here and there just to deal even more damage. I suggest this build for scythe lovers, but it works well on talisman too. The reader has the hard duty to choose what is better for his/her playstyle.


    What about skills now? There are so many of them, which one are useful and what are useless? Every and none of them. Every skill has its own effect and sometimes it add something more when it reaches lvl5/10 so read well each description.

    I'd like you to know that you unlock Weapon Masteries when you hit lvl10 and Dragon God Masteries when you hit lvl60. You get a quest that will tell you to head to Arteicia and complete there a training (lvl10) or a trial (lvl60) to finally unlock the new mastery page.

    When you think you chose the wrong skill or just want to try something different remember you don't have to buy any items, but spend some golds to reset your masteries. So...let's begin!

    Basic Masteries

    Meditation Training: gives you +10 Action points (up to +100)

    Draconic presence: increases your Charisma +1% and +5 points (up to 10% and +50 points)

    Great Scythe Mastery: you’ll gain +1% of Two-Handed Great Scythe weapon’s Magic Damage (up to +10%)

    Talisman Mastery: you will gain additional +2% (up to 16.4%) of Talisman weapon’s Magic Damage.

    Flash Shadow: damage + targets hit gain stun status

    Ethereal Power: damage + 10s (up to 14)

    Tenacity: Decreases damage received –1% (up to –10%)

    Strong Physique: Increases your maximum Health points by 1% and + 50 points (up to +10% and +500 points)

    Draconic Knowledge: increases your Dragon Affinity +1% and +3 points (up to +8.2% and 24.6 points)

    Enhanced Intelligence: increases your intelligence +1% and +3 points (up to +8.2% and 24.6 points)

    Natural proliferation: permanently gives you +20 points of Natural Damage (up to +220% and 5.5 points)

    Dragon Spell Blade: permanently gives you +20 points of Dragon Spell Damage (up to +220% and 5.5 points)

    Over Limit: removes all Movement Restriction Effect and makes you immune to Movement Restriction effect for 1s (up to 10s)

    Frozen Time: Three spheres that deal damage and target hit will gain Frozen time status which makes it unable to move or attack for 1s (up to 5.5s)

    Weapon Masteries

    Scythe Path:

    Dragon Claw: damage + knockback effect

    Crescent Wing: damage 3 times + knockback effect

    Mad Dance: damage + pulls all targets withing range towards you

    New Moon: damage + knockback

    Luna Cry: damage to target multiple times (3-4 times)

    Shattering Strike: damage + -6% magic defense and physical for 8s (up to –31.9% for 8s)

    Ravaging Affliction: damage + reduces target’s constitution by –10% (up to 26.4%) when a target is hit and has a knockback effect.

    Mirage Slash: teleport to selected area + damage

    Piercing Scythe: damage + increases damage based on target’s physical defense (increased up to 30% of target’s physical defense)

    Retributive Slice: damage

    Diabolic Conclusion: damage 3 times in a row with knockback effect

    Harrowing Retribution: damage + recover HP

    Bloody Dance: damage

    Harrowing Siphon: when player reaches around 20% of HP he/she will turn into a ghost without receiving any damage and any heal. Effect lasts in 2s (up to 10s)

    Talisman Path:

    Soul Breaker: damage + repel

    Soul Energy Impact: damage + repel

    Soul Energy Assault: damage + knockback

    Dragonsoul Dance: deals damage for 6s (up to 12)

    Dragon Spell Impact: damage

    Soul Blast: damage + repel

    Shocking Resolution: damage

    Spinning Blade: damage

    Soul Assault: damage

    Flying Blade: 3 spheres that deal damage + stun 1s (up to 3s)

    Impact Core: damage

    Cure: heals a target

    Dragon Spell Shield: party members gets Dragon Spell Shield status which reduces damage received by –5% for 15s (up to –32% for 15s)

    Healing Core: heals party members around you (left) / heals target zone (right)

    Dragon God Masteries

    Scythe Path:

    Faith in Istalon:

    Revenge Slash: Mirage Slash inflict Revenge Slash status to targets within range, making them unable to move for 2s (up to 7s)

    Revenge Blade: Mirage Slash inflict Revenge Blade status to targets within range causing their next damage received +25% for 12s (useless, just one hit will be increased then status will disappear after target is hit)

    Amethyst Claw: damage + 3% HP, recovers 3 soul points for 15s (stackable)

    Great Amethyst Claw: damage + 3% aggro, recovers 3 soul points for 15s (stackable)

    Dragon God’s Vengeance: increases HP and enmity for 20s while recovering some HP

    Dragon Soul’s Vengeance: increases Dragon soul points and recovers them every second for 20s

    Dragon dive (left): damage + damage received from mobs and players up to –18.5% for 10s + damage with knockback

    Dragon dive (right): damage + recovers HP + damage with knockback

    Crystal Shadow: increases speed up to 70.5% and reduces damage received up to –70.5% for 15s

    Crystal Binding Shadow: causes target’s movement speed up to –70.5% for 3 s and reduces damage received up to –70.5% for 15s

    Faith in Ciern:

    Dark Shadow Blood Scythe: makes the player invisible and increases movement speed up to +44.8% and attack power up to +64%. Reduces damage received –25.6% and effect lasts for 6s

    Red Shadow Blood Scythe: makes the player invisible and increases movement speed up to 44.8% and reduces damage received +25.6%. Recovers every 2s up to 320 dragon soul points

    Raging Waves (left): damage + increases Dragon Spell Damage up to +910 points for 20s

    Raging Waves (right): damage + reduces Dragon Spell Damage up to –1062 points for 23s

    Wave Assault (left): damage + increases attack speed up to +64% for 15s (costs 500 dragon soul to cast)

    Wave Assault (right): damage + increases player’s damage up to 25.4% for 15s

    Mad Dance (left): damage + gives the party up to +10% physical and magic damage for 10s after target is hit

    Mad Dance (right): damage + reduces target’s physical and magic damage up to 6% for 10s after target is hit

    Moon Tide (left): damage + recovers up to 370 dragon soul points after target is hit

    Moon Tide (right): damage + recovers up to 37 dragon soul points for 12s after target is hit

    Talisman Path:

    Faith in Istalon:

    Healing Light: heals after effect of Cure ends

    Action Recovery: recovers up to 70 action points after effect of Cure ends

    Amethyst Blade: gives to friendly targets up to +30.9% and 1029 points of physical damage for 60s

    Amethyst Illusion: gives to friendly targets up to +30.9% and 1029 points of magic damage for 60s

    Amethyst Storm (left): damage + causes targets that received damage physical and magic damage up to –20.8%

    Amethyst Storm (right): damage + causes targets that received damage Natural Damage, Dragon Spell Damage and Elemental Damage up to –20.8%

    Amethyst Ability: summons up to 3 Amethyst Ability to deal damage to a target and recovers up to 290 dragon soul points every 2s for 12 s

    Amethyst Protection: summons up to 3 Amethyst Protection to deal damage when player attacks and recovers up to 380 dragon soul points every 2s for 12s

    Amethyst Prayer: reflects damage for 20s

    Oracle of Amethyst: gives a shield to a friendly target to absorb up to 32% of its maximum HP + 2800 for 20s (even if in game it lasts for 30s)

    Faith in Ciern:

    Tidal Territory (left): damage + target is unable to move or attack, but removable by struggling

    Tidal territory (right): damage + target is unable to move or attack for 1s also deducts up to 117 dragon soul points each damage

    Earthshaking Wave: damage + knockdown

    Earthshaking Tide: damage + 2 times damage and knockback

    Raid of Ocean Wing: damage + 5 times damage

    Giant Wave: damage + damage to targets within range

    Seismic Impact (left): damage + recovers up to 370 dragon soul points

    Seismic impact (right): damage + deducts up to 72 dragon soul points from target

    Mark of Dragon Spell: passive damage

    Dragon Spell Raid: passive damage 3 times

    F.A.Q. (= Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: What weapon is better for an Oracle?

    A: Both of them are good, each one with its pros and cons. Anyway weapon is just a part of us..our class is so great that you could fight even with a stick ahah. In the past scythe was the most common choice (mainly because of skin) and because it used to deal massive damage. Then new masteries came and changed everything: some players like them, some other hates them..it's a personal reaction. Personally I find them cool (I'm sure some readers will laugh of me) and finally I saw a revamp of talisman. Maybe a big revamp..so big damn revamp, scythe users are almost rare to meet in game.

    Q: What am I supposed to do in PvP matches/duels/wars?

    A: It depends on your role. Yes, even in PvP you can choose between support role, healer or "kill them all". If you have low fps/lag support role is always useful: talisman have enough buff and heals to let you support your allies. Otherwise you can set yourself "medic fighter" and go for kills while you heal yourself and/or allies. Last but not the least "fighting Oracle": full damage, scythe path (Istalon if you want some stuns) or talisman Ciern path. Istalon path for talisman could be useful too, but don't take Amethyst Storm, it has no accuracy against moving players.

    Q: What's this special damage?

    A: It's used mostly in PvP because it adds some damage to basic damage. As Oracles we have great Natural Damage (from intelligence) and/or Dragon Spell Damage (from Dragon Affinity). There's some Elemental Damage too, but it's for great players which adds it anyway on weapons or armors. It can be helpful in PvE too, but I suggest to go for basic damage instead special damage because: 1. basic helps with healing spells too 2. special damage helps really only 50% on final damage output 3. if you're levelling your character you don't have time for shards, or at least go for magic damage and/or Health.

    Q: Are there different builds for PvE and PvP?

    A: Of course! PvE is based on high damage, PvP on accuracy and sometimes on magic penetration + special damage. Before you enter PvP world I suggest to take some practice with PvE (so you can learn skills and animations) and then begin with some duels in your guild. Remember that attribute like "x resistence" (where x is one of special damage or new attribute "Full") and Thoughness are used most of time in PvP side of the game. First one is supposed to low taken special damage and the second one to lower incoming crits.

    Q: Anything else?

    A: No, I think that's all. This was my version of Oracle, I tried to explain general things and now the rest of work is yours. Have a great game experience, and if you have questions, doubts or whatever feel free to ask here...this is why forum are supposed to exist ahah Best greetings from your friend Oracle Daghall!