The floor is lava

  • The floor is lava

    Let's start a cross-server Jump n 'Run Parcour! Prove your skill and speed in a race against all servers.

    You will all be unleashed onto the parcour at the same time, and the first three to reach the finish line will win the main prize. Since the last time we held this event was as a test on the German server only, and they had the chance to win a Crystaline Chaos Dragon for their apartment / house, it is only fair that now we give this opportunity to everybody!

    The following Dragons are available to the winners:

    • Vermilion Flare
    • Red Star
    • Lava
    • Red Lotus
    • Astaroth
    • Scornfury
    • Cold Fusion
    • Hell Blood
    • Amber Eye
    • Hazul the Swirling Flame
    • Crimson Blackblood Dragon

    It's going to be a flying parcour again - but this time elevators will bring you back to the last checkpoint if you happen to fall down.

    But beware! Should you fall down, you will suffer fall damage. (Of course we will make sure after the event that your equipment is repaired again.) Every fall can cost you so much time and health.

    "Bla bla bla - when is it going to start ?! And where ?!" Allright, allright! .

    We will start on Thursday, 07. Juni, at 19:00 CEST on a Sky Island that we will announce when the time is near. This will be announced shortly before in the chat and, if necessary, we will take you there.

    Naturally, there are some rules:

    • Entering the parcour before we give the "go" is not allowed.
    • Shortcuts are not allowed.
    • Of course cheating will not be tolerated.
    • The dragons must stay in their cozy lair during this event.
    • The companions also take a break during this time.
    • Transformations are nice - yes - but not allowed at the event.

    The violation of any of these rules will be punished with a disqualification.

    Whoever tries to disturb the other players in the participation will be kicked out.

    We look forward to seeing you race against each other!

  • Review

    Wow that was heavy! Not everybody finished the parcour, but we hope you had fun instead of falling down 100 times.

    Thanks to our special guest Aragula, he made a lot of beautiful screenshots - thank you very very much <3

    Your first challange was to jump over a lot of little platforms without falling down in the hot lava - at the same time you had to try to find the fastest way: because hey - it was a race ;)


    For the next challenge you just had to be really fast and accurate!



    And hui - the next one - hehe. That was a hard one!

    You had to jump on flying stones to reach the other site - but just two of them were able to bring you to the checkpoint. It was really hard to find them and then you had to catch them - that was a challenge!


    After that one you had to balance on flying gates! You had to analyse the fastest and shortest way while you had to take care of the different angle of the gates. After you got this a platform carried you to the end of the parcour and finally: you finished it.


    But what would be a review without the winners?

    The top 3:

    • Razayel
    • Aquatic
    • Obito

    This three players can be happy: they will have a now "Roommate" soon - a big dragon who runs through their apartments / houses. Before they had to choose a dragon, they were able to met them and see which one is the best for them.




    A big thank you to everybody who participated - we had a lot of fun while you falled down. hehe (partyparrot)



    Our dear Aquatic made a video for us :) So if you want to see the full parcour you can watch the video below or you go to the sky island B19 and check out the parcour by yourself - it will stay till monday :)