[CoMa] Ildruin

  • As Catarix mentioned in her introduction, we forgot to introduce ourselves here in the forum.

    Those who know us from Dragon's Prophet, well, know us, but for those who do not, here's a little introduction:

    As you probably suspected, I am Ildruin and your Community Manager. :) I have been responsible for Dragon's Prophet for more than a year now and also for Savage Hunt since launch. For 16 years now I have been playing online games and have been around a lot in general. I am a full-time employee at gamigo - which sets Catarix and me apart from the other GMs - and take care of your problems or concerns.

    As a Community Manager, my job is to represent you in the office and to be your point of contact and person of trust for all aspects of the game.

    You can always send me a message, no matter what.

    Since the old Dragon's Prophet forum will soon be integrated into this one, here's my initial post introducing myself in January '17! :)

    Hello dear players,

    starting today, I am the new community manager for the English and German community for Dragon's Prophet, employed at Gamigo. I am here because one of my passions is to wake the potential of a game and its players, and to promote this potential. To accomplish this goal here and in the German community, with you and I together, is what I want to do.

    About me personally, I'm Ildruin, a native-born German and speak both German and English fluently. I traveled a good deal round about the world, studied computer science but, in the end, transformed my passion into my job: Gaming. (Online-)Games are very dear to me for over 15 years now. I tried probably everything you can play with your friends or your family at least once.

    If you have questions, suggestions or a problem, don't hesitate to contact me. My tasks as a community manager include being there for you, being your person of trust regarding all things Dragon's Prophet, guiding you towards each other as a community and of course to represent you, the players, locally. I'm also happy to hear your feedback, be it good or bad, as long as it stays objective.

    I will be available in-game and through PMs here on the forum as much as I can. There will, hopefully, be many funny events coming up which will be realized by our team.

    But please keep in mind that I'm only human and that I can make mistakes. Also, I do not possess god-like powers to solve your in-game problem or to mediate your personal fights. I'm also not a developer for Dragon's Prophet and I have my limitations, just like everybody else.

    Nonetheless, I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that you can enjoy your time in Auratia, together!

    See you in-game :)

    Your Ildruin