[Guide] Dragon Hatching System

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    Greetings Osirans!

    The Dragon Hatching System is here and we decided to create a basic guide of how it all works for those who are wondering what they can do with their little unhatched eggs.


    What is the Dragon Hatching System?

    This new system allows you to collect Unhatched Dragon Eggs from across Auratia and place them into a nest in your home or apartment. You can also speak to the Lair Manager or Amy in the Draconic Sanctuary to access the Dragon Hatching System.

    Once an egg has been placed into its nest, you will be able to choose the dragon's special attribute type such as Strength or Intelligence and then after some time, the egg will hatch and you will have a new friend. You can however, decrease the incubation time and improve the dragon's attributes by caring for it daily and having your friends come over and care for it also. This will make your dragon much stronger in the long run.

    Depending on the egg, you can get different dragons from it, but by using a special Dragon Spirit Powder during the incubation process, you can increase the chance of getting a rare dragon.


    How do I get the Unhatched Dragon Eggs?

    You can get Unhatched Dragon Eggs two ways:

    • Having the egg drop for you
    • Collecting Dragon Spirit Essences and exchanging them for an egg

    Unhatched Dragon Eggs and Dragon Spirit Essences can drop from looting mobs, dungeon drops, the Draconic Sanctuary, completing public events in the Sky Islands and more! If you get rewarded for something, it's most likely that you can get essences or unhatched eggs from it too. Oh, and you can get essences for aiding other players with their eggs.

    There are 5 different types of essences you can get:

    • (Green) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Blue) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Purple) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Pure) Dragon Spirit Essence

    The type of dragon egg you can get depends on which essence you have how much of it. These essences can be traded with your Lair Manager or with Amy in the Draconic Sanctuary in exchange for an egg. In addition, you can purify essences together with Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath to receive essences of higher quality.

    For example:

    • Hand in 20 Green Dragon Spirit Essences + 1 Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath to get 20 Blue Dragon Spirit Essences back.

    Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath can be found while farming for the essences and aiding others with their eggs.


    What to do with your Unhatched Dragon Egg

    Firstly you're going to need a nest. You can buy a special crafting recipe called the Green Incubator from the Furniture Merchant in the Sky Islands. After you've crafted the incubator and placed it in your home or apartment, you can begin the incubation process. You can also place multiple incubators at the same time!

    If you don't own a home or apartment, or simply want to incubate more eggs, then you can talk to either the Lair Manager or Amy in the Draconic Sanctuary. They will have their own nest just for you.


    The Incubation Process


    So you've got your Unhatched Dragon Egg and your nest is ready; here's what you do next!

    • Interact with your nest to open the Egg Incubation interface
    • Place the desired Unhatched Dragon Egg into the image of an egg
    • Click on "Start Incubation"
    • You will then be given the option to choose a special attribute for your future dragon
    • The system will tell you what dragons could potentially spawn, along with other information

    This is where things get interesting as you could just leave your egg alone and after a certain amount of time (the time can be found next to the image of the egg in the Egg Incubation interface), the dragon will hatch from the egg and you've got a new buddy for your travels; OR you could improve its stats, the chances of it being a rare, and also decrease the incubation time, and here's how:


    Incubation Nest Method

    If you've opted for the nest in your home method, then you can invite your friends over and they can do the following:

    • Care for a single egg by interacting with the nest
    • Click on the "Group Care" button at the top of the screen to perform a dance which will not only boost the effect of caring, but will also care for all eggs that are within the household or plot at the same time.


    Lair Manager/Amy Method

    If you would rather use the Lair Manager and/or Amy to help you with your hatching, then things are slightly different. You would need to ask to hold your egg by speaking to the Lair Manager or Amy and choosing the correct option; this will cause your character to start carrying your egg. This prevents you from taking any other action until the debuff is removed from yourself. Don't worry, this does not drop the egg or break it in any way.

    Once you have the egg in your hands, ask your friends or anyone else nearby to right-click your character, "View Dragon Egg", and then have them care for it.

    Both of these methods will grant your friend or player a reward for their assistance and they can receive any of the following:

    • Dragon Provisions
    • (Green) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Blue) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Purple) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • (Pure) Dragon Spirit Essence
    • Mysterious Dragon Spirit's Breath
    • Inferior Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Refined Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Tempered Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Purified Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Green Rarity Remover
    • Blue Rarity Remover
    • Purple Rarity Remover
    • Seal-Breaking Scale Powder

    The effect someone has on an egg when caring for it also differs depending on your relationship status with the player. So non-friends will have a smaller effect on your egg than if a roommate or someone with a high friendship status interacts with it.

    Here are the methods of improving your egg, listed from most to least effective:

    • Cared for by you
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 5 Players + Roommates
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 4 Players
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 3 Players
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 2 Players
    • Cared for by Friendship Level 1 Players
    • Cared for by Non-Friends
    • Left to grow naturally

    These actions benefit the Incubation Time, Attribute Bonus and Special Attribute Bonus of your Unhatched Dragon Egg. So make sure to care for your eggs daily and have roommates or very good friends care for them also to have the biggest impact!

    Please Note: A single Egg cannot be cared for more than once a day by the same account.


    Increasing the chances of hatching a Rare Dragon

    When choosing an Unhatched Dragon Egg, you will be informed of what dragons could hatch from it. Some of the eggs include rare dragons, and if you want to increase your chances of these spawning, then you need to provide some Dragon Spirit Powder.

    There are 6 different types:

    • Inferior Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Refined Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Tempered Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Purified Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Academy Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Fantasy Dragon Spirit Powder
    • Ancient Dragon Spirit Powder

    Each one provides a different percentage, anything from +/-1% to +/-10%.

    You can get Inferior, Refined, Tempered and Purified powders from helping others with their eggs while the Academy, Fantasy and Ancient powders are only obtainable via the Marketplace.


    The Visual Stages of Incubation


    As the hatching day draws nearer, your Unhatched Dragon Egg will start to change its appearance as seen above. When the little guy or gal starts to show their eyes, you know the time is near, so make sure to be around for his or her very first day in Auratia.

    Your egg will also start to move, and by the time it's ready to crack, you should be seeing a considerable amount of shaking going on! *cue Jerry Lee Lewis



    The Dragon Egg Incubation Interface


    • A. This option allows you to finish the incubation process immediately but requires a Marketplace item.
    • B. This option allows you to remove one of the possible dragons from the egg with the use of a Marketplace item.
    • C. This option allows you to add Dragon Spirit Powders to your egg to improve the chances of hatching a Rare Dragon.
    • D. This will allow you to take care of your egg, speeding up the Incubation Time and boosting your future dragon's Attribute and Special Attribute Bonuses.
    • E. This will destroy your egg, so be sure that you want to do so before clicking on this option.
    • F. This option will make your egg either private or public; making it public will allow roommates to care for it.
    • G. This section provides information on the current state of your unhatched egg as well as a progress bar.



    A New Dragon is Born!

    So you've cared for your egg, nurtured it, and even had friends come over and rub your egg for you, but you want to know what happens next.

    Well, that's for you to find out ;)



    Q: Are the Drop Rates of Essences/Eggs affected by Easy and Hard Mode in Dungeons?

    A: No they are not; they have the same drop rates in both modes.


    That's it for the Dragon Hatching System! If you have any further questions, please feel free to make a post here, and we'll do our best to answer them.