[FAQ] How do I report „Violations of Terms“?

  • Unfortunately, they are everywhere. Outlaws...

    If you see a player in the game, who is noticed because of inappropriate behavior, you can do something about it. Inappropriate behavior is violation of terms, such as the exploitation of errors, the use of cheats, insulting other players or other violations.

    This behavior is not welcome in the world of Dragon's Prophet. Now it's up to you to keep the atmosphere in the game free of such acts. We need your help for this. You wonder how? - This is precisely the subject of this FAQ.

    Who can I contact if I want to report a violation?

    The whole Dragon's Prophet Team will support you, if you have discovered a violation. Primary contact persons are always the Game Masters, because they are responsible for the care of the players in Dragon's Prophet. But basically each team member is available as a contact for violation reports.

    Even if you can not find a Game Master, which is online, you can send an e-mail to dragonsprophet[at]gamigo-support.com.

    Input of a violation report?

    To report violations easier, we have created a small list, which you can simply copy and paste into your message:

    • Your character name
    • Character name of reported person
    • The concerned server
    • Reason of your message (possibly with reference to the rules)
    • "What happened?"
    • When did the violation took place?
    • Did you already reported this person before?
    • Evidence

    Suitable evidence

    Unedited full screenshots showing the circumstances (no blackening of passages, not cutted chats, no compilations or other changes on the original image). Screenshots suffice as evidence if there is a violation, which not depends on a motion. (Example: Insult)

    Unedited video - or filming (not modified by transitions, without melody lodge, color variations or other effects). To create videos you will need a special video program. Check on the popular search engines for a suitable software. Videos are needed as evidence if there is a violation in which a moving action is in the foreground. (Example: theft of your monsters)

    Note: It is important for us that we have a certain period of time before and after the offense. Often the general view must be considered in order to make a clear decision!

    Why do we need unedited evidence?

    The screenshots and videos serve as "evidence" of a violation of the Dragon's Prophet rules or general business operations (GTC). This can cause to block the participants account on accuse of permission.

    Will you tell me what happened to the player I have reported?

    Unfortunately, we can give no information on the measures of penalties for privacy reasons. The reason for this is that the withdrawal of the use permit (blocking) constitutes an interference with the contractual relationship (right of use) between the "perpetrators" and gamigo. Since this is for any legal claims, we can therefore give no more precise statements.

    How do I know that my report has been received?

    Both, the e-mail support as well as the team members, will send you a message, if the offense has been processed. This will be done by something like:


    Thanks for your report. It has been processed in accordance with our current rules / Conditions of Use. Please understand that we can not give any information about our taken actions due to privacy reasons.

    How to send a screenshot / video?

    There are a few provider, where you can upload a screenshot or video. Please use only those providers where the screenshot / video can also be saved and downloaded by us. We have to archive the submitted evidence for legal reasons.

    Note: We ask you also formally, not to upload these files either on YouTube or on other public platforms that is provided by third parties. The same is right for reported bugs.

    We hope that we can maintain a nice atmosphere in the world of Dragon's Prophet due to your support. Thank you in advance for your support.

    Note: Please understand that we need to check your reports objectively. As an "involved" person the evidence is always clear. Nevertheless, it is so that usually the involved person sees himself always as a victim. But we need to have a general view, because rule violations which appear clearly for a neutral observation, sometimes not have to be so bad as seen.

    Your Dragon's Prophet Team