Marketplace Items, Diamond Prices, Daily Tokens and Gold Prices

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    So, I've already spent more than I want to admit on diamonds to give myself that little boost that almost every player needs to get started in this type of game. I did it with Dragons Prophet and since I really want to fully switch over to Savage Hunt, I did the same thing. I purchased 4400 diamonds.... That did NOT get me nearly what I was hoping it would. Everything that costs diamonds is much more expensive here than it is in DP. 4400 dias in DP would have been all I would need to start a toon. Would buy me all 6 dragon stable slots, all 6 dragon lair spots and plenty of storage to go with it, along with a second set of masteries. I haven't unlocked all of the storage that I would like yet and can't even think about unlocking masteries. The second mastery set costs 600 DIAMONDS. SIX. HUNDRED. WHAT?! That's absurd. So far, I'll be honest. I'm very disappointed and I feel like I got hard-core scammed out of 50$. At least in DP, 50$ would have made a toon good to go, complete with a looting pet. This? This is just depressing... I can't even get a looting pet. I didn't get enough diamonds apparently.

    Secondly. Marketplace items. There is a lack of a fair few things that I was looking to get my hands on. The secret apartment for instance. It's not there. It isn't even in the daily tokens shop. The secret apartment is something I loved. It had plenty of space for nests. Since I've already boosted all of my crafts to lv 31, I can craft nests at my leisure.. 'Cept, I have no where to put them, since I really don't care for all of the 'houses' you can buy, which are also very expensive.

    Thirdly. The daily tokens.... There is NOTHING but furniture in that shop. What? Why? So you mean to tell me if I catch an awesome dragon or have a piece of gear I want to work on, I have to fork out the wazoo money wise just to get that dragon where I need it to be for PvE/PvP purposes? Or if I want to do the gear thing, I have to use diamonds to alter it? That makes absolutely no sense.

    Forth... Have you all looked at the prices inside of the dragon lair? The cost to set the dragon out to collect resources for you or to train? In DP, it's 2700 gold to set your dragon to do dragon training (4) for 1 hour. In here, it's somewhere around 15k gold to set them to do dragon training (4) for 1 hour. WHAT? That's insane! It's already expensive enough trying to train up dragons and even more so in this, since it's still 'brand new' and doesn't have an economy yet.

    I am extremely frustrated at this so far, honestly. GG 50$. I should have stopped and really looked at everything before opening up that payment page. Kind of jumped in blindly and that's my fault. Am not looking for sympathy on that. I was stupid and let my excitement get the better of me. That being said, what do you all think? I strongly believe that the GMs and devs need to read this. The prices are WAY to high. Not to mention, the price of dollar per diamond is outrageous. DP is WAY cheaper and that's saying something. 49.99$ USD will buy you 4400 diamonds. In DP, that same price will get you almost 50% more diamonds, which then go a lot further than they do in Savage Hunt.

    GMs or devs, please read this. This is borderline game breaking. Something needs to be changed about the diamond prices. It's just insane. I don't mind spending money on a game I enjoy.. Obviously but when that money feels like it just gets fed straight into the toilet, I have a problem with it. Again, at least in DP, I would have been able to receive more diamonds and have them go further for the same amount of USD that I spent.

    Again, devs and GMs, please understand my frustration at this. There is so little information at launch that it causes mistakes like this to happen. While I don't expect any form of compensation for the errors I myself made, it would be nice. Everything is over priced. If the amount of diamonds it takes to unlock things was a good bit lower, then I would have zero regrets about the money I invested. I think it's fair to say that, if a player wants to spend 50$, that they should be able to unlock at least equal to what you can unlock in DP for the same price.. Not this. Part of me wants to request a refund through the support system but I already spent the diamonds I purchased, unless there is a way to undo all of what I purchased and basically put my toon back on par with everyone who didn't unlock things with diamonds. I would really like to be able to do that in the hopes that the diamond prices will change, then reinvest said diamonds. If nothing can be done about it, then oh well.

    Rant basically over. I'm calmed down now and am happy with the progress I've made today. I'm leaving everything I've said up and unchanged so the GMs/devs can read it. I'm not trying to make them feel bad. It's just an upset player feeling like he got ripped off because things weren't properly set up before a stupid move was made on my part. I understand that things are new. Things'll take time to get to acceptable levels. I was just hoping things were... More prepared. Regardless, GMs/devs, please do tell me if anything can be done about my mistake of investing diamonds. At the very least, I would like to have those given back and the stuff I purchased taken away, that way I can reinvest them maybe after the prices have been altered to a more player friendly level. Refer to points above. I feel I've repeated myself way to many times on this.

    Cheers and I apologize for being so impatient/upset.

    The post was edited 1 time, last by Ferron_Arrumekan: am calmed down now. I want to leave what I've said up so GMs/devs can read it but also be a bit more sincere. Things are new. I shouldn't be this short tempered this quickly when everything still has to be altered. ().

  • For all who are curious.. On DP, 39.99$ USD will get you 6780 diamonds. On Savage Hunt, 49.99$ USD will get you 4400 diamonds. DPs doesn't charge as much diamond wise to unlock stable slots, bank space, ect. Savage Hunt is WAY more expensive in all regards. Honestly.. Seeing that, I really want my money back now. That's a huge rip off.

  • Well, truth is, if they removed dragons from marketplace they had to somehow balance everything. But I do agree prices seem a bit off.

    Let's wait and see what Admins are gonna say about it.

  • I have a sinking suspicion "free dragons" means they won't charge us for the dragon.... but they'll most definitely charge us for the KI/shells/whatever it takes to get the dragon.

    I wouldn't get my hopes set on any free handouts.

    It's a business, and I get that, but that is a pretty nasty bait and switch if you ask me. Most of us are happy to support the game we play, you really don't have to try to swindle us out of our money. Honestly.

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  • So far it seems like a joke to me and I'm wondering when I'll see something that isn't a Brimstone Glow for free that used to be from the shop. There's a new feature that suggests secret apartments can be turned off so perhaps they went through with doing it.

  • I'm hoping that they do something to bounce back from this, honestly. I think I've already seen 40 or so people come in, play for a short while, then announce that they are going back to DP because of how badly this one started. More expensive than DP, impossible to train your dragons the way you want because the nickle and diming (more like 1$ and 5$) seems as it's going to be even more ridiculous in this version. Got a dragon with most of the skills you want but it has just those 2 skills you really don't want? Ha! GG you! Gotta pay us to remove those skills for ya. ;) . . . . Yeah. It's dumb. Am really hoping the DI shop comes back to the way it was. Then it won't be nearly as bad.. Unless they jack up the prices in there to

  • curious since I haven't gotten that far, but do things like storage for inv., lair slots etc unlock earlier or more frequently in this version? Has anyone noticed any attempt to offset the current cash shop value by earning items in game by playing?

  • I seriously hope a GM is reading this thread. Savage Hunt is nearly twice as expensive as Dragons Prophet. You really need to quit listening to the genius who came up with this idea. Was this brought to us by the same person who royally screwed up the VIP rewards in DP and said you would change it monthly? Let me guess...he's now telling you to reduce the diamond packages for DP so it's a quarter of the current value isn't he? It's sad to see that you actually put some good work into the game knowing it's for naught due to someone deciding you should jack up prices. Hopefully wiser minds will prevail.

  • You know, since its likely that anything is being changed as I doubt Gamigo listens to their CM's... Its making me wonder if people start writing Gamigo letters to the Product Manager himself, as they'll be forced to read it, maybe it'll open his/her eyes.