Who falls asleep - loses!

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    Who falls asleep - loses!

    We planned a little event matching the “Stay awake all night”-Day on the 10th of May.

    How the name of this special day suggests, you're going to have to stay awake all night! More precisely: The night from the 09th to the 10th - the event starts at 18:00 CEST, Wednesday, 9th May and ends on Thursday, 10th May, 16:00 CEST. Your participation was successful when you met the conditions that you can read below.

    How is this working?

    We are hosting this night by doing some events with you and keeping tabs on you.

    Additional to this we will “shout” in different time frames that you have to fill out this (click here!) form. This will happen a few times and after the event we can see in this form, telling us who stayed awake and how many people participated successfully. After we announced that you have to fill out the form, you have 15 minutes to do it.

    You can see following points in the formular:

    • Character Name
    • Server
    • Screenshot

    We think we don’t have to explain you have to fill out the first two steps. In the “Screenshot” section you have to put in an ingame screenshot which you took at the time when we wrote that you have to fill out the form. (You can upload the picture on free sites like e.g. imgur.com or picload.org and so on.) The screenshot has to be unedited and has to show your full ingame screen - otherwise it won’t count.

    When you are on another character during the “form time” than the last time, please still make the screenshot and fill out the character name section with the same character name as before. (Always use the same character name!) If the name in the formular changes while the event is running you won’t count as successful participant.

    Now the most important part for you is as follows:

    The rewards:

    The rewards will be determined by the count of successful participants. So... what’s your reward? Maybe the picture has given it away: we will raffle a specific number of Illusion Nights (Dragon) among all successful participants. This dragon is a special event dragon and is only available on special occasions - so don’t miss your chance!

    The reward scaling will be like this:

    • 10+ Participants: 5x Illusion Night
    • 20+ Participants: 10x Illusion Night
    • 30+ Participants: 15x Illusion Night
    • And so on.

    So take your chance, go to the next supermarket and buy whatever you need to stay awake that time (Don’t give drugs a chance!) and don’t miss out this opportunity for Illusion Night!

    We are looking forward to the night together (isee)

  • Oh god - what a night. (I really were not too late for work today becaus I overslept - no no (shrug) )

    We changed the reward system. It was a really long night and a few of you missed the right time to fill out the form ( or you were a bit too late. )

    The max. count of forms was 14. We decided to reward everybody who stayed awake till the end - 4pm CEST - and filled out the form more than 10 times. So everybody of the following players will get the dragon.

    We have to tell you three special players who stayed awake the whole time AND filled out every form! So they are the only ones, who filled out the form 14 times. Respect. (accepted)

    • Aquatic
    • Razayel
    • Thickegg

    Following players will get the dragon too:

    • Alaylia
    • Ilafe
    • Racmon
    • Gaanzzaalt

    Congratulations. And thanks to everybody for participating and staying awake with us(cute)

    Your dragon will come to you soon.

    Here a few pictures from the little activitys of the night:

    One of the activities were a "little" parkour. The moving plates made it hard for you to reach the end - but it was very funny to watch :D


    We played a bit with a few buffs. My personal favorite is still the purple frog - or what ever it is. Here we had for example styx wings, we were super fast and we transformed into some dragons and monsters (or even companions!)


    And because it looks so funny: here the purple frog!!! (She visited you one time at the egg circle. Best comment: "That was probably too much coffee." Yes - it was.)


    Sure - we did some normal spawn events too where you had to kill the bosses. And we did one or two rounds for the lower levels.

    One time there were an invasion on the sky island - three bosses and many many monsters in a level range from 70 to 120.

    Here we forgot an important thing: Don't do an invasion at 2:30am - most of the osira will sleep at the time. Even if you have bravely run into it (sometimes with the words "THIS IS SPARTA!) i had to help at the end.