[Guide] Groll Canyon

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  • The Groll Canyon


    At the start of the battle, both parties will have four usable strongholds, among which only the camp will have its functions pre-activated. The other three strongholds will require prayer to become functional. A stronghold captured by the enemy will still belong to your party, but its functions will be disabled, and the enemy will be unable to reactive them.

    To simulate unforeseen circumstances on the battlefield, the central infirmary will issue missions from time to time. The first party to complete the mission will gain the infirmary's assistance. After Hadubis and Yermizaar in Dunar Temple have been saved, they will create a phantom of Undead Dragon at will, as part of the training against the Undead Dragon Army. The first party to defeat the Undead Dragon will gain the Legendary Dragons' assistance.



    In order to enter the Battleground, move your mouse to the menu bar at the top of the screen, then choose the fourth symbol from the right and select the option “Battleground”. Click “Confirm” in order to enter the queue.

    Once you have entered the queue, a flashing symbol will appear underneath your HP bar at the top left corner of your screen. Click it to view your position in the queue or click the “Leave” button to cancel queueing.

    If you want to join as a party, the party leader will have to access the queue for all of you. Everybody in the group will be placed in the waiting queue automatically afterwards.

    The Battleground

    When entering the battlefield, the two teams will be randomly assigned to one of the opposing fractions: Either Wolfmen or Trolls. The Wolfmen base is situated in the south, the Troll base is in the north.
    Each base contains one crystal, which in the end decides whether you win or lose. Your main objective is to destroy the opposing team’s crystal.
    Spread out over the whole map, there are four different strongholds, which can be occupied by both parties by praying at their crystal altars. The more altars one team occupies, the easier it is to destroy the opposing team’s crystal. If one team tries to occupy an enemy’s altar, that team will receive a warning message so they can rush there to defend it.

    1. Main Camp
    Here’s your crystal. You should protect it with your life.

    2. Camp
    This place belongs to your fraction right from the start. Every 10 minutes, it generates 10 soldiers, who will accompany you on the battlefield.

    3. Transportation Point

    Use your transportation point to be able to teleport yourself to the other fraction’s strongholds you previously occupied or to your own main crystal

    4. Armory

    Use your armory to give your soldiers a 30% increased movement speed. This effect will disappear if you lose your armory to the opposing team

    5. Training Ground

    Use your training ground to increase your soldiers’ HP by 50%. This effect will disappear if you lose your training ground to the opposing team.

    In the Eastern part of Groll Canyon, you can find the (6.) Infirmary, where you will encounter a Healer, who might give you party buffs. Another NPC might appear near the (7.) Bombing Point (further details under “Missions”).


    Every 3 minutes, small quests are started, which both camps can fulfill. The team that finishes the quest first receives the opportunity to unlock buffs and other advantages for the whole party with the Healer NPC. The Healer will only appear once a quest has been completed. The team who lost the last quest round can interact with the Healer as well, but will not receive any benefits.
    On top of that, the bombing point is where you can kill an Undead Dragon. This will also trigger the appearance of an NPC that provides buffs.

    You can choose from the following buffs and advantages:

    Energy Release

    When damage taken reaches your maximum HP, you will inflict damage of your highest Attributes to all targets within a specific range. The damage is not affected by damage reduction effects. The higher your maximum HP, the higher the bonus damage rate.

    Effect: Inflicts damage of your highest attribute to the enemy.

    Duration: Unlimited

    Cooldown: 5 minutes

    Warning Removal

    While praying toward the enemy's strongholds, the enemy will not receive any warning notices.

    Effect: Interrupts the stronghold's warning notices.

    Duration: Unlimited

    Cooldown: None

    Shortened Rebirth

    Reduces the duration of Spirit of Laedis when revived.

    Effect: Reduces the duration of Spirit of Laedis by 5 seconds.

    Duration: Unlimited

    Cooldown: None

    Speedy Rescue

    After Spirit of Laedis ends, your Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit as well as Running Speed, Swimming Speed and Gliding Speed when riding will be increased temporarily.

    Effect: Increases Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit and Riding Speed by 30%.

    Duration: 15 seconds

    Cooldown: None

    Hurricane Warrior

    When your party loses all the strongholds, your Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Physical Defense and Magic Defense will be increased.

    Effect: Increases Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Physical Defense and Magic Defense by 50%.

    Duration: 3 minutes

    Cooldown: 10 minutes

    Sincere Heart

    While praying toward the strongholds, the praying effect will be increased.

    Effect: Increases Prayer Gauge by 5 points when praying toward a stronghold.

    Duration: Unlimited

    Cooldown: None

    Damage Absorption

    When HP falls below a certain level, you will be immune to all attacks.

    Effect: When HP drops to 20%, the damage reduction effect becomes 100%.

    Duration: 5 seconds

    Cooldown: 5 minutes

    Healing Support

    Accumulates gained healing effects and automatically heals friendly targets within a specific range after a period of time for HP.

    Effect: Recovers HP with accumulated healing effects.

    Duration: Unlimited, recast every 20 seconds

    Cooldown: None

    Dragon Cure

    When the Dragon you summoned dies, it instantly reduces the downtime of all unsummoned Dragons in the Dragon Stable. Any Dragon summoned within a short time will gain HP recovering effect.

    Effect: Reduces Dragon's downtime for 30 seconds and recovers Dragon's HP by 10% per second.

    Duration: 30 seconds

    Cooldown: 1 minute

    Movement Restriction Immunity

    When your HP falls below a certain level, you will not be affected by any movement restriction statuses.

    Effect: When HP falls below 30%, you will not be affected by Repel, Knockback, Knock Down, or Frozen.

    Duration: 10 seconds

    Cooldown: 2 minutes

    Stronghold Strategy

    Changes strategy according to the number of strongholds you own. It may increase the damage inflicted on the enemy or reduce your damage taken.

    Effect: When you don't own any strongholds, the damage you inflict on monsters increases by 25%. When you have an odd number of strongholds, the damage you take from monsters and enemy players reduces by 5%. When you have an even number of strongholds, the damage you inflict on monsters and enemy players increases by 5%.

    Duration: Unlimited

    Cooldown: None

    Life Spring

    Accumulates gained healing effects. Until it reaches a certain proportion of the maximum of HP and your HP is too low, HP will be recovered with the accumulated amount.

    Effects: Recover HP when the accumulated amount reaches 80% of the maximum of HP and your HP is lower than 50%.

    Duration: Unlimited

    Cooldown: None.


    Each team will have to consist of at least 5, but a maximum of 10 players. Both, single queueing and party queueing is possible.
    One battle lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. If neither team manages to destroy the opponents’ crystal during this time, the team whose crystal still has the most HP left wins. The current condition of both crystals can be seen at all times for everybody. Just take a look at the upper part of your screen.