• My partner and I hatched a Jadeite yesterday and it's lively, warm and fun! (lava smoke trails are hilarious, if it left obsidian piles behind I'd fall out of my chair)

    Everyone else has mostly the grey, black, white, brown, blue Ironhides, all sad cold cool colors.

    To the point:

    The entire day I used Jadeite as my main companion and I completed the daily achievements, all of Ostara event achievements completed, and about two PEs in every land. When I went to convert the combat XP on my Jadeite this morning, I found that it still was reading ZERO?!? So odd, I dunno if maybe the Ostara event doesn't count, but regardless I used him a bunch on the PEs and other battles he should have a ton of Companion XP to convert into a few points of combat skill or training XP...

    (I submitted bug in game for it)

    Anyone have such problems on any dragons?

  • You'll want to kill things. PE's I believe dont give EXP to your dragon, but killing will. Specifically mobs around your level, so it would be more beneficial to run hardmode dungeons for the XP. It also doesnt work as fast as you might think. You're gonna have to do a crapton of grinding for it to be beneficial. But if its your ''main'' dragon, you'll get a bunch just by leveling yourself up.

    Itd be easier to make it level skills and such through the lair manager.

  • Dragons don't gain exp from quests and PEs in the same way that players do, dragons get exp from monsters, bosses and lair training only (and a few marketplace items which I won't get into). As Kati says, your only option is to farm dungeons (preferably Hard Mode), kill monsters at a close level to you for exp or leave them to train in the Dragon Lair. Lair Training is usually faster, at least until they adjust the exp outputs some more on dungeons, so you should do that for now.

    If you use your dragons frequently and can't risk leaving them in the lair to train, leave them to train while you're offline instead, it's always worked for me.

    I've not checked what the new exp values are for the dungeons that were adjusted but Dunar might be a safe bet if you want to try farming exp that way. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong though.)

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    Oh wow guys I really REALLY like DrAgOnS

  • Yes I basically only lair train my dragons, but since this one is out with me I hoped for more, I normally ignore the Combat XP on dragons because since day one i figured out it meant next to nothing having to convert tens of thousands of XP to make a couple points of Combat Skill or of Training XP, where as hundreds of Skill/Training XP is what you get for nominal gold in the lair training.

    Why call it "Combat XP" if it is not gotten via general combat :/, needs to have a label specifying where it comes from such that you say only dungeons and when moded at your level at that...

    This is why there has been on going debates in chats about improving XP, people are not talking about Character Combat XP they are talking about Dragon Combat XP? That makes more sense then i suppose, yes Dragon Combat XP is currently next to pointless aside from ridiculous grinding.

    People certainly grind dungeons for eggs and gear as needed, so perhaps the balance the makers seek is in reverse...Dragon Combat XP should be plentiful in adventuring and less in grindful dungeons.

  • Zeni just try whenever you log out to put your main dragons into lair and let them train whatever skill you want. yes it is somewhat expensive to get a skill to lvl 10, but in your guild the fee can be decreased and dayly glory runs should give you plenty of money

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