Egg Incubators

  • Hi Guys - I have a question. I ask everyone and no one seems to know. To me, one of the Most Important items in-game is the egg incubators. We can get around 600 different dragons and can only hatch one egg at a time. We Need the incubators so we can hatch more dragons at a time which will let us build our awesome dragons we have so far. I am going to keep this short in the hopes I can get a straight answer and then decide if I will go back to DP EU or stay and wait. Its not like it would be hard. Every other recipe is in the game and working ok. I can see no reason to keep the incubators from us. *scratches head*. Thanks for any replies !!

  • The reason is it got added in way later in dp aswell XD also it doesnt help you collect all dragons, just build big farms to tget your dragons to training level 100 fast. Its ok at the pace rn i think


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  • Thank you for replying Alaylia. Everyone plays this game differently and for different reasons. I do know when the incubator was released in DP and I also realize they will not help collect all dragons. They will help get dragons to 100 faster, but in my opinion, they do so much more than that. People raise crafting (to make the nests). Then they hunt eggs more to fill up the nests. Then they dance and care for more people's eggs to get the essences, etc. Then they harvest their dragons to get skills they need and then move the skills to make awesome dragons. Then they donate to level their good dragons. Also, they craft items to make their house look nice because they have friends coming over to dance for them. I could keep going on and on. So, to get to my point, some people are fine waiting and hatching one egg at a time. On the other hand, some of us are very excited about the incubators because they will add a whole new chapter to the game.

  • ricklori yeah i think the same. I am waiting for incubator recipes since.. forever xD

    it does make a lot of ingame mechanics easier, for example collecting titles^^

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  • DemonFang - I've got some potentially bad news for y'all

    WOW, I just saw that. 1299 diamonds for "1" incubator and you can only have 2. LOL !!!!!!!!

    I am sorry because I don't usually complain, but ....... that is totally ridiculous !!!!!

    Damn, why not just put the pattern in-game ??

  • guys do you realize things like making all prices higher than orginal dp for essential things like incubators is making this game more pay to win than dragons with prices in old dp?i mean okay you will collect all dragons free but other aspects of game is behind huge pay walls.please open your eyes already so we can make this game different otherwise it wont be anything better than orginal dp.i afraid it will be worse than that.who can pay such prices for incubators?it will take forever to make good dragons without incubators.essential things like those should be free at least like in doesnt make any sense...

  • Silluca, I agree 100%. 1299 diamonds for 1 incubator that you should be able to make in-game is way beyond ridiculous. I understand they do need to make money, I think we all agree on that. But ..... things like these incubators, I feel like they are slapping us all in the face. Personally, I don't understand their thinking. How can you grow a game when they insult 95% of the player base? And, I really like this game. It's a shame :rolleyes:

  • The problem with Incubators can be seen in DP at the moment with no limitations to Incubator-Production. There are almost no Housing Areas without Towers of Eggs, and people with 100+ eggs on them. It destroys the nature of collecting dragons, all for faster dragon training to lv100...

    I don't think Selling them through Diamonds will help in any ways, I think it would be better, if they restricted the amount of Incubators one can have on his plot...

  • A compromise of both positions is what we need I think. The incubators wrecked the DP economy, made training dragons way to fast, etc. Currently in SH they are WAY to expensive and being limited to only buying 2 per account with diamonds is pretty much a joke. They have to make money somehow, though. If you didn't expect some things previously free to be paid for, after making the switch to free dragons, you are delusional (i just think most of us didn't expect it in the form of incubators). I think a huge decrease in price and an increase to how many you can buy, maybe 10-15 or so(?) would make them much more viable and/or reasonable. Personally, I hate the egg system entirely, but it's here and we have to make the best of it.

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  • Hard to understand most of their moves nowadays.i really like dp too but if sh is going to be future dp.they should try to meet everyone’s expectations as much as possible.There are lots of ways to enjoy dp.focus on pve,pvp,raise and collect dragons...some people dont want to only collect dragons they want to do pve,pvp with their dragons.2 incubators only with that huge price will limit doing pve,pvp with decent dragon anytime soon.i understand some people want to grind hard but that amount of limit and grind is stupid.i want to keep playing dp but i know it has no future when this game reaches end game cap so i have to quit or move here but those questionable moves and pay walls are making me doubt of future of this game either.i dont think so many players are playing this game enough to make them ignore their player base.

  • I can understand how you all feel, I was pretty pissed too when I saw they were selling Incubators in marketplace which you could get for free in dp.

    What am I going to with all those eggs in my storage? Now I have to hatch them one by one which will take forever.

    But on the other hand I played dp already when there were no eggs or incubators available and I had no problem getting my dragons to lv100. Yes it wasn't as convenient as it is now with hatching eggs but still.

    You guys who are complaining that 'this will destroy the game and so on' just calm yourself down and think for a minute. If you believe you can only get your dragons to lv100 by using incubator fodder you're wrong. Every time you send your dragns to collect flutes, materials, etc. you get a certain ammount of dragon feed - you know the stuff you get as well when you turn in a dragon above lv10 to the academy. You need ~1k feed to get a dragon to lv10 which gets you 1 laedis ware as well as ~300 feed in return.

    Furthermore you can send your dragons to farm XP for themselves.

    You probably realize where I'm getting at.

    It's annoying that they limited the ammount of incubators we can have but does it destroy the game? No!

  • You guys forget a big factor.

    Incubators are OPTIONAL and definitely NOT the most important item ingame. You dont need to buy them now. I think they will add them later on to craft as it is on DP, but many people asked for them and they take the opportunity to make some money and make few people " happy ". It´s not working as intended, because ofcourse everyone wants to get their hands on it. Also till now u could have made a Dragon easily to lvl 100 just by provisions. Also with 8/10 good skills. You guys just need to be patient and farm several dragons, if not even hundreds of them. Just wait till the Dragon has only skills u need or atleast 66% chance for good transfer. Just dont farm specific dragons as some people say. Just go fill your Collection :)

    things like incubators is making this game more pay to win

    This is also not true.

    P2W = Items or benefits u cant achieve from playing the game and only get by investing money.

    In DP it was always the same concept which also applies to SH.

    Money = Time and nothing else. This is why i like this game alot.

    Everything except Bankslots was viable through Shop already ( Bagpack and Masteries included).

    Ofcourse its tricky to get everything unlocked but again. The only thing it takes is TIME.

    To sum it up:
    Relax and u will see :) Incubators will come in the future as craft. im 100% sure of that. And for those who buy Incubators for Dias now, you just have a little advantage, buts its nothing non achievable :)
    Also dont compare everything . This phrase makes me sick: " but in DP .... " YES in DP lvl 105 maybe, but check earlier patches or viability of items on lvl 70 or 80 90 94.

    Hopefully this makes you aswell look from the other side :)

    Have a great Day all.

  • It is the best they did in this game to put incubators in d shop and limit them.

    I was pissed at start when I first saw this but when you think about it it make sense you don't have to focus on incubators and house space anymore it is great move and it is not like they deny them.

    It is a super good item it should not be so easily obtained as it was in dp, of course they could loose a bit the limit later on but it is great at this point.

  • Can you at least see which creature the egg contains? Can you get each one in the wilds? Been a lurker for awhile on and off, but never played this game that much, even though i had it in my Steam for years.

    My guess is there needs to be a grind.

    That blue guy 4th from the left on the Savage Hunt official site looks cool, have not seen him in the original game marketplace or this one.

  • Can you at least see which creature the egg contains? Can you get each one in the wilds? Been a lurker for awhile on and off, but never played this game that much, even though i had it in my Steam for years.

    My guess is there needs to be a grind.

    That blue guy 4th from the left on the Savage Hunt official site looks cool, have not seen him in the original game marketplace or this one.

    Yeah, you can find eggs just laying about on the ground, you just need to keep wandering around and you'll eventually find one. Once you place it in the egg incubator it will show you a list of all the possible dragons that you can hatch from the egg and how likely they each are. You can use powders and removers to remove dragons you don't want to hatch.

    I'm not sure which blue dragon since there's two next to one another on the slider on the main page (if you're talking about that one), but I'm pretty sure Kryon is one of the soul gaze dragons? Can anyone confirm? I can't recall where I heard someone say that he was.

  • Elaris (the windrider model) is the only one available atm from the Savage-Hunt-website image...

    Ah, thanks. I was talking about this one

    I thought it was crazy how the collection book has 10 assault type, but there are more than 10 assault type in the original game. So they are not available huh. I know he is a no show in the original game, or so I assume.