[GUIDE] Time Limit Achievements

  • The daily, weekly and monthly achievements provide an easy opportunity to obtain usefull marketplace items whithout spending diamonds. Thus it is recommended to do these achievments regularly.

    To view these achievements open the achievements window ("O") and switch to the "Time Limit" section. There you find the daily achievement "No Sweat", the weekly achievement "Force of Habit" and the monthly achievement "Standard Operating Procedure" in the corresponding sub sections. You can see what tasks you have to finish and what items you get in reward.

    In this place I give a step-by-step description on how to do the daily achievement "No Sweat" as the weekly and monthly achievement work in the same way.

    Task #1: Kill 120 monsters in a day.

    Mostly self-explaining ;)

    Task #2: Give your friends 3 gifts today.

    For this task you need 3 friendship gifts and 3 friends in your friends list who are currently online.

    Friendship gifts you can buy from the food mearchant or you can craft them by yourself as soon as you have leveled your chef up to crafting level 10.

    For sending a gift to a friend open the friends list ("H"), click on the "Send Gift" icon next to the name of a friend who is currently online and choose a gift in the "Send Gift" window.

    If you lack active friends post a call in the zone chat for "friends for the the daily friendship gifts", there should be enough helpful players responding.

    Task #3: Successfully complete field training 1 time today.

    For this task you need 2 dragons. One of the dragons should have at least one free skill slot.

    Talk to the Lair Manager and ask him to open the "Dragon Lair" window. Switch to the "Field Training" tab (the one with the lightning symbol). Drag 2 dragons from the stable or lair slots into the 2 field training slots. Conduct the field training by pressing the "Train" button.

    During field training there is a chance that one dragon learns a skill from the other dragon. That way it is possible to teach a dragon additional skills which it didn't have right after being captured. Each day there are 3 field training runs for free. If you want to do additional field training runs you need a "Dragon Training Whip" (market place item) or have to pay diamonds.

    Task #4: Successfully capture 1 dragon today.

    Should also be self-explaining after you have done the main quest in Helmoth (the village where you start your adventure in Auratia).

    Task #5: Open the market place 1 time today.

    Open the ingame market place by pressing "I".

    Task #6: Successfully craft 5 items today.

    For this task you need some raw materials. The easiest way to get those materials is to collect them on the map. Collect for example 15 pieces of wood or ore. (Heed that the level of the materials must not be higher than your crafting level. If e.g. your weaponstmith is level 5 you will be able to process unrefined ore (lvl 1-10) but you will not yet be able to process copper (lvl 11-20).) Then go to a crafting station, an anvil for example, and craft 5 pieces of processed product.

    Task #7: Successfully craft 1 refinement.

    For this task you need a synthesis item and a refinement essence. There are 6 different synthesis items: bone, crust, coarse tendon, sharp horn, sharp scale, sharp fang. For the "No Sweat" achievement it doesn't matter which one you take. Synthesis items you get as drop from mobs. Refinement essence you occasionally get as a side product when quarrying raw materials on the map.

    When you got the materials open the Material Refinement Window ("U"). Drag a synthesis item into one of the slots. Press the "Start Refining" button.

    Task #8: Enhance 3 pieces of equipment in one day.

    Open the Equipment Enhancement Window ("Z" or "Y" - depends on your keyboard country settings). Drag a piece of equipment into the left slots of the window. Choose an attribute for enhancement: Physical Damage/Defence, Magic Damage/Defence, Maximum Energie (for Dragon Shards), Durability. Press the button for the "Normal Enhancement" (costing gold but no dragon insignia or diamonds) 3 times.

    And we are done! Wasn't a big thing, was it? ;)

    Greetings - Dreka