New Secret Apartments

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  • This has long been an issue, even in DP. I have spoken with Ildruin about it. I am talking about alienating a large part of your audience. In a NA based game with the same problems, I would be standing up for all of you in EUR right now. I do not expect special treatment. I am asking for fair treatment. And when I posted my very first reply on this topic I knew all those players who got to purchase one of these apartments would defend it like crazy, cause they had no other competition. This isn't only about the apartments, its about Simon Says GM event, Missing Brimstone GM event, or Valentines Day Weddings, or so many fun events that half the world doesn't get to attend or even have a chance in. Thats ok, there are other games. I have loved DP since it was released. And realistically SH has hardly any active yes, alienate half of them and push them away. Don't worry, I know you won't miss me. But you sure as hell are going to notice a game with less actives, and one you are spending money on that won't be able to sustain itself long term because it is pushing away players because of high marketplace prices (huge issue!) and the"local only"mentality that it caters to. Any game that I invest in, I want to keep it alive for a long time. I will be be moving on with my time and my money now.

    I've said this again and again. They can't do much else. Have you looked at the time zone difference between us? It's unreasonable to request them to be online at hours that fit you.

    20.00 is already beyond their paid time. Everything else is overwork cause they love the game. Now you want them to stay up till 1am ish on a workday. The day after they have to get up again at 6-ish. Would you do that without getting paid for it?

    If you join an EU game, you expect issues like high ping. This is one of those issues you're gonna face if you play on an EU game. It doesn't matter how many of you are here then.

    And you may say we defend it furiously, heck maybe even come of as alienating you guys, but it's a frustrating topic. Like you said. This gets brought up again and again, it's not gonna change. They can't.

    FYI I didn't buy it either.

  • Thank you Catarix. See you in next game.

  • Well that escalated quickly O.o

    I've just read all those posts without having the fury of either sides and what i have to say about it:

    -It doesnt matter weither EU or NA players, Events such as "Brimstone Glow is missing" CAN NOT be held at a resonable time for both because there is always ppl that cant make it at some times... Only solution would be to have such events at 2 times maybe, but thats a different issue,

    -even the to 20 limites preorder seemed to not work out that well, at 20:00 CET only ~7 were left already cause it started few minutes earlier actually ^^ but not regardiing weither you actually got one or not, keep in mind it was a test, neither in DP or SH had such a thing before so of course something would have to go wrong afterall lol no one said you will need to wait years to get one now, wait for more news first please before tearing each others apart...

    -HERE it should already be more than enough to really have a longer timeframe after the notice. 24 h would probably be fair enough for ALL players, but whats done is done, we can only hope for the management to learn from this incident and adjust it next time then, and stop arguing andlessly about stuff that went horribly wrong in the past!


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  • Also just to quote the Part saying that you can prove that no NA player got one of them, I got one of the first ones and I live on the east coast. I work too. I just happened to be on my day off. I got pigned on discord about the thing going live at 2pm when it still was 6am(right after the maintenance) I guess they could announce it a bit earlier but 6am was fine by me

  • Okay, before this derails any further, I'm going to step in.

    It is true that we cannot tailor our activity around US players. I don't need to repeat everything said here obviously, but I want to answer specific points.
    We actually pushed back the sale by two hours because of our US players. The management wanted to start the sale at 6pm CET and we calculated that two hours on top would enable US players to partially also benefit from the sale - requiring days off, night shifts or whatever, but still possible. We can't tread Elaris as a server for US player, that would penalize the large majority of other players. US players are allowed to play on our servers (ping permitting), but we are primarily a European publisher, based in Germany. We do not only have working hours very different from US times, we simply can't offer you events or limited promotions aimed at US players for a simple reason: You have more time zones in the US than we have in Europe and are a full work day offset compared to us.

    There is no feasible solution to this issue. We can announce things a bit earlier (which was simply not the way this promotion was designed), but that won't change the fact that a promotion aimed at saturday noon to evening will be on a friday evening or sunday morning for players outside of our time zones.

    Regarding events, I want to give you a small insight that gets a bit personal - something I normally don't do for obvious reasons.

    The Valentine's Day wedding event took a huge amount of time to prepare, execute and follow up on. If a US player applied for it, we could probably have found a time slot that would work for everyone involved.
    To actually pull off a memorable wedding, we had to mess around with the game on a level which we normally don't do for reasons I'm also getting into. First, I went to my direct superior and got Catarix and me the actual written 'okay' to invest a full working day worth of time into an event that was aimed at making a maximum of 6 people very happy.

    If you have seen the screenshots, we took the time and decorated two locations and transformed them into wedding altars. Cleaning that up wasn't pretty. I can't spend 2 hours of my work day cleaning up quest popups produced by balloons, so I did it at 6 in the morning.

    Normally, I do not step in if someone is "accused" of being a GM. That's part of the fun, leading a secret life.

    Catarix and me however are fulltime GMs. You will never see us posting something with a private account that we couldn't say "officially". Once the team starts to build up and the first applicants can show themselves publicly, that kind of fun begins. ;)

    Now, I don't want to end on being snarky or defending myself because I feel personally insulted (which I don't, I just enjoyed giving you an insight that you normally don't get). As I said, the GM team is currently being build. If we manage to get enough GMs from "around the globe", events can be also done at times that are suited for US players.
    I am, as I'm writing this, talking to the management about special promotions that are split up into groups like Alaylia said. Meaning, when there is a limited promtion, you will have 4 chances of purchasing them, each having an appropriate limitation.
    So, while I understand that US players feel mistreated or neglected, and that you, Mommysrule, voice these opinions, please know that we are doing what we can in a realistic scope. While there is no ip blocking here, we are not aimed at US players or offer a US server. But we will do what we can do make you feel like a part of the community, even though the sun is up for you when it isn't around here. :)

    I know it doesn't seem like much at times and some actions look like they are there to exclude you, but maybe I can give you our view of things next time something happens that doesn't fit for US players. Maybe we will do something only suited for US players. Oh boy do I look forward to those threads :') "Events at 4 in the morning? Whyyyy Ildruin?".

    I simply hope I don't come across like a douche. I know I can sometimes.