Soulgaze Locations [Puretia to Korhala]

Maintenance is over! The Hunt continues!
  • Hi. Since the two last threads are no longer being updated I assumed sooner or later someone else would take up the mantle and make a new thread on this. As no one else did it I thought I might as well go ahead.

    I don't plan on quitting the game anytime soon and will keep updating as new zones are released.

    Please keep posting your finds here.

    Update: Marked the rare drops of each dungeon in red.




    Brimstone Glow

    For those of you new to Savage Hunt, welcome! The dragon 'Brimstone Glow' has 100% drop rate. All you have to do is find the dungeon and beat the boss at the end. You will then loot an item called "Soul Gaze". After right clicking it, look around the room for a glowing egg, which you should approach before pressing "F". After this, you will have your first Ancient!





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  • Nice!

    (by my experience I can write that Blueberry spawns even from Aryna's Lair...)

    Blueberry is from Nyrols only, maybe you still had it in bag after opening one in arynas. If you really get one there make sure to post a screenshot o.o


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  • (Oh well, the evidence... here, I let my dragon parked in double row, just wait...) *and he runs* :D

    Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of that, I was leveling up while I was about level 38 and cap was 40, I didn't care about dragons in Soul Gazes and I believed that was a normal thing (it was the same dragon that came out from Nyrol's Nest, a dungeon in the same map).

    However even with a screenshot should be hard to demonstrate, but, that day, when I got it from Aryna's (I already got one few days before even from Nyrol's Nest) so I was a little annoyed to find the same dragon from different dungeons (this is what I remember :/).

    (This and the German thread are telling that I'm wrong, and it's possible, but if I'm wrong... what's wrong with my mind that day ? I'm so sure of that ahahaha. Well this is a personal trouble ahahah)

  • Sure it can be a bug, wouldn't be something new in DP...

    I farmed Arynas recently and technically got all 5 Dragons dropping in there from Gazes, but there never was a Blueberry with them. Maybe the Dropchance for him are just extremly low or they fixed it by now, nobody knows...

    And maybe there's something wrong with your mind as well, but I think you should be able to clear that out on yourself xD

  • Hey, so after you guys figuring out where everything drops, I think I can safely chime in here.

    Blueberry does indeed exclusively drop in Nyrol's Nest :D If you ever have proof of a dragon dropping somewhere where it does not belong, please let me know so we can show that to Runewaker :D