Patch Notes 15.02.18

  • Dude, where is my marketplace?

    The ingame marketplace has been completely redesigned. Unnecessary items were removed (so-called interface items), prices were recalculated and are now consistent with each other.

    Many things became cheaper, some became more expensive. Like in real life ?

    What are all those buttons?

    All the costs achieved through the interface have been completely redesigned. Many will notice that a lot of things have become cheaper, or have more attractive entry-level offers.

    Of course, some costs have gone up here as well, but everything should be fair. A total of over 400 variables were touched. If you find a mistake or a discrepancy, do not hesitate to let us know.

    That leads us to the next point.

    Look mom, I collect shells now!

    The Dragon Insignia Shop has been expanded. Among other things, you can now find extensions that you can freely acquire by playing the game.

    Please note that we currently have technical issues with our translation tool. Japan Packs are placeholder names but show you what they hide inside them.

    This design of the Dragon Insignia Shop is a first step to give you a fair supply of “free” items. We will complete the current offer throughout the day and add new categories in the coming days and weeks.

    The magic crystal ball

    There are still issues that we mentioned in our first announcement, such as the ruby shop ("cashback") and the apartments. If we must set an order, we would say Apartments -> Ruby Shop. Or the other way around.

    Too Long Didn't Read

    • New Marketplace
    • New Interface Costs
    • New Dragon Insignia Shop (Free-2-Play)
    • Translation tool has taken a vacation apparently
    • Coming up next: Ruby Shop, Apartments, etc.
  • With superior technology at our hands, we were able to conjure up a preview of what the shop would look like if our translation tool worked today:

    This should give you a general idea of what to expect in the near future.