Valentine’s Day Bonus Promotion

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    Valentine’s Day is right ahead! A day for lovers! But not every Osira finds true love on their first try. That’s why we have the Valentine’s bonus promotion. Treat yourself and your shopping experience will be rewarded on top.

    You will have the opportunity to earn special gifts in this very special Valentine’s promotion. Make Valentine’s a day all about yourself and get the chance to show all couples how nice it can be to enjoy your own freedom with the Wings of Revenge.

    It’s your choice! The more you spend on your shopping trips, the more rewards you can get.

    How does the bonus promotion work?

    Every Diamond purchase you make on the in-game Marketplace during the promotion period counts

    Only purchases on your account for yourself count.

    Presents, under the advanced buy option, or purchases not done via the in-game Marketplace do not count.

    What are the rewards?

    Depending on the amount of Diamonds spend on the Marketplace, you can earn additional rewards with every new step!

    • from 2.000 Diamonds – 3x Daily Quest Reset Ticket
    • from 4.000 Diamonds - 2x Perfect Equip Transmutation
    • from 8.000 Diamonds - 1x Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid, 1x Dragon Lair Expansion Card, 1x Dragon Stable Expansion Card
    • from 13.000 Diamonds – 3x Dragon Chamber Expansion Card, 1x Balge Young , 10x Process Ticket
    • from 20.000 Diamonds – 3x Server Megaphone, 10x Dragon Training Whip, 1x Academy Dragon Soul Crystal, 1x Sealed - Master Repair Hammer (7 days), 1x Wings of Revenge

    All shopping experts will receive their rewards directly to their account storage after the promotion ended.

    Event period: Friday, 9th February 18:00 CET – Thursday, 15th February 23:59 CET.

  • You can find your rewards in your account storage (the glowing letter that you can't miss). Thanks to everybody who participated.
    Obviously we won't post a list of every spender, but be assured: your Wings of Revenge will really make you stand out!