Dragon God Masteries

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  • From player level 60:

    When you reach level 60, you will automatically receive another special series of quests. Complete them to unlock your Dragon God Masteries.

    Once again divided by weapon type


    The Dragon God Masteries allow your character to specialize even further. Some of the masteries here build upon your Weapon Masteries.

    You can choose between 2 dragon gods, depending on the type of weapon


    For every weapon type, you have the choice between two dragon gods. Your dragon god determines not only which masteries you can learn, but also your playing style: tank, damage dealer, or healer – choose wisely.

    Note: Many of the masteries shown consume Dragon Soul Points instead of Action Points.

    Once you’ve chosen a dragon god, you’ll have access to one particularly devastating dragon god mastery. Only the strongest Osirans will be able to harness its power!

    Summon a dragon god!