Patch Notes 08.02.18

  • Simply more

    • Another zone has been released: Korhala! You can find more details here.
    • Level cap raise to level 60
      • Dragon God skills are now available. FAQ follows.

    Do I feel…love?

    The day of love is approaching fast: Valentine's Day! And since we do not want you to be all alone on the 14th, we're already starting the Valentine's Day event today. Details about the event can be found HERE.

    Why can’t I hold all these eggs?

    Soul Gaze drop chance adjusted in all dungeons. Soul Gaze should now be less frustrating and drop more. Running a dungeon on the highest available difficulty gives you a decent chance to get a Soul Gaze. The same applies to dungeons on your own level. Each level above the dungeon’s reduces the drop chance to a certain threshold. The new lowest value should be the around the same as the previous highest value. So you should find a lot of eggs now. Can you still follow?

    Literature Overload

    Fixed a bug that caused some dragons you received from a Dungeon Egg not to have a Book of Dragons entry. The Laedis Academy researchers have been working overtime and send in their missing notes.

    Where to put all that money?

    The general gold costs were reduced by about 40%. You should now not come out with losses if you run a dungeon and repair your equipment afterwards. This is just one example, because everything else is now 40% cheaper as well. Yes, that too. Yes, we can read minds.

    The magic crystal ball

    A small view: We are still working on the revision of the marketplace, the Ruby Shop ("Cashback") and a generally friendlier free-to-play climate. Since these systems all interlock, many maths must be done here, which is known to cause headaches and grammatical errors.
    You also have to wait for the apartments for a bit longer.
    Our Osiran secret service is still working to find the missing guild assistant Amy.

    Too Long Didn’t Read:

    • Korhala released;
    • Level cap 60;
    • Dragon God Skills;
    • + Drop chance Soul Gaze;
    • Less grind;
    • -40% gold costs;
    • Missing dragons are in the book;