Marketplace taming

  • You could build a temporary bird until you get the one you'd like and then use it as the "correct" ones teacher :) if youd still rather go for a fabled, just go for whichever one youd like - how to build a dragon is the same for all types, you just want different passive and attack skills dependibg on dragon family (abd what youll use it for). Personally I try to get 1-2 heals on ALL my dragons, it's convenient and boosts the dragons survivability as well.

    I wont mix myself into the whole 1h/2h guardian discussion, but IF there is a specific skill(or multiple) you'd like from 1h while still maining 2h(or opposite), hybrid builds and quick change is a possibility. Mastery switch is ofcourse an option as well, but will require you to invest in unlocking mastery slots.