[GA] Catarix

  • Hey everyone,

    We just noticed that maybe some of you have no clue who we are, because we never introduced ourself.

    So... it's time for me to introduce myself:

    For everyone who doesn’t know it already, I am a trainee at gamigo and now already in my second year of apprenticeship.

    In all this time I was involved in Dragon’s Prophet a lot (and still am!) and am now looking forward to my time in Savage Hunt. My tasks include many different things – but i don’t want to bore you with details :P

    The most important thing is:

    I will be there for you when you have problems or questions. No matter if in-game or in the forum – you can contact me with every problem or question and I hope that I always have the matching answer for you.

    Me as person:

    I live in Germany, speak German and English and that’s why i support both servers (or all 4 ;) )

    Yes (!) I’m a gamer! I have been playing online games for almost 13 years and before that I've spent my time with console games. My personal highlights were classics like Crash Bandicoot & Yu-Gi-Oh for the PS1, Pokemon yellow (PIKACHUU) and (hey – sure) Tetris for Game Boy Advance. And then... I got my first computer (dramatic music).

    If someone is interested in it – here you can find my old DP introduction: http://www.dragonspropheteurop…m/topic/30462-ga-catarix/

    If someone still has any questions; feel free to ask me.