road quest: The Stray Dragon

  • The Stray Dragon is the little green swiftfoot that appears on the road and once activated has to be taken to the nearest lair manager. If nearest is Arteicia then forget it, because you cant fly down to the lair manager while on the dragon and the transport down wont work because you are on the dragon, this needs to be fixed to allow transport. It is abandoned also if you use the transport system to go to another town.

  • Also it's totally possible to jump from the bank area to the lair with that dragon as I already did it, extreme luck was involved but it's not impossible

    JUMP! lol i did think about it, but that's cra-cra!
    i got it between ishtar...
    ive been in habit of tossing the stray or the 'stalwart urgent delivery' when i find them no where near a main city cause its cra-cra to get them to one if its a long trek past many foes and other road quests might as well wait to the next one ... heh