Dragon's Community [Discord channel]

  • https://discord.gg/YnP5fAV

    It's an unofficial discord for multiple games, which includes Dragon's Prophet and naturally, Savage Hunt.

    Katigura is a little shy and didn't dare create her own thread dedicated to it :* so as the responsible 2yr old I am, I'm doing it. We are hoping a lot of players will check it out, you can ask questions, ask for help, or simply socialise. We bite, but not that hard!

  • For those that don't know by the way:

    Discord is a free program you can use like Skype and teamspeak. Doesn't cost anything unless you want to global spam emotes from other servers, gif avatars and bigger upload files.

    Hosting your own servers is free and super easy to costumize.

    You can download the app/discord itself or use it on a browser!

    The discord has over 100 people, and could use some more (social) people who are interested~ We dont bite! Its rather quiet, but it could possibly be a good resource to share information, tighten up the community and also find possibly groups for dungeons/ancients ^^

  • It would be interesting :). We can also use line app to.

  • Will this discord group be sued to help players build their character correctly?

    It's aimed at being a place for players to both socialise with, and help, each other. So yes, it should be suited to ask for help with builds.

    Of course there is never a guarantee people will reply right away, it's also been quite silent as of lately - but we try to reply as quickly as we can to questions we are able to answer and surely more members do the same.