Signature Dragons

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  • Nope Ezeriel is the normal Duskreaver Model ^^ (just looked that up XD) there is also a fat Duskreaver Model for Deep Abyss etc but i dont like that one, probably not going to draw that lol


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  • I got the easy way with cold iron haha just took the already existing Silver Arrow and tweaked it a bit lmao I don't think I posted it either... I should prolly post both cold iron and hades when I get the time

    Edit: you can also create a signature by going to your profile page, click on the pen, click on avatar management and then find the signature tab. To insert an image like a signature dragon, upload the image to any image host website (ex: Imgur), click on the picture icon on top of your signature edit box and then paste the image URL you got from the image host