i need help plzz

The servers are going to be taken offline tomorrow at 10:00 CET. Farewell, Auratia!
  • Hello my friends, How are you? ,, I have a problem for the day, which is when I want to create a new account that tells me that I must enter the e-mail and then go to my e-mail and complete the registration, but nothing happens !! I tried again and again it didn't work for me to open a new account I want your help;(;(

  • i mean, to give a serious answer, it's kind of obvious, we dont need any bigger official explanation as what we already have in the announcement.

    the game probably doesnt (or rather, didn't) make any more money, and it has been an open secret that the developer runewaker gave up on this game when infernum went bankrupt with it. Since gamigo bought this game and kept it running, there haven't been any updates, besides the relaunch savage hunt - and that had like what, 1 new feature of giving dragons from dungeons?

    It's a sad and long story, but anyone who thought this would get a happy end after the game failed in NA, in turkey and then once in europe, did not pay attention.