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  • This is what I want to ask:

    Case 1: When i play solo in a Dungeon, it will take how long the Dungeon will be refreshed. How many times a day can I farm in the Dungeon?

    Case 2: And if "Join Party" is how long the Dungeon will be refreshed. How many times a day can they farm in the Dungeon?

    I hope to hear from anybody. Thank so much.


  • Case 1:

    Solo dungeons can be reset the instant you leave the dungeon in question, and can be farmed an unlimited number of times (certain point rewards are limited, but not the runs themselves or the possible shards, equipment, etc. that might be collected). You reset the dungeon by right-clicking on your profile image (upper left corner) and then choosing "reset dungeon" from the menu; another menu will open offering you a choice of which dungeon, if you have more than one available. Dungeons do automatically reset but will remain in the second menu anyway, so if you reset them after that time you'll get an error message.

    Case 2:

    As with the above case, dungeon farming in a group is unlimited as far as how many times daily and what might drop; however, only the group leader is able to choose the difficulty and reset the dungeon (the same as a solo run), and the group leader may choose to control how rare items are handled, in which case you may need to compete with the rest of the party or have a special agreement as to who gets what. If there's a disagreement, you can leave the party and immediately go into the dungeon on your own.

    I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions about anything I've said, let me know.

  • Hi Regole,

    Thank you for your useful and timely information. I thank you again.

    Hope if there are questions in the future, I will get answers from you again.

    Good friend<3<3<3