need guide for Dragon Parade event

  • does anyone know how this event works?

    it seems to go like:-

    1. farm mobs to get fireworks and firecracker ingredients (fireworks and firecrackers are distinct items)

    2. let off fireworks at event altars

    3. during 5 minutes before dragon appears charge up towers with firecrackers. each firecracker takes 5 seconds so 1 player can put about 60 onto a tower, they start at 30/180 so needs a lot of players to charge them all

    4. dragon appears and spams "Red Flames" (lootpets). you are supposed to shoot it with firecrackers (event hotkey Ctrl+1) but it can take 555 hits, 1 hit is worth 5 points, and S rank needs 1000 points

    5. dragon destroys 5 towers (pretty quickly), gets to exit portal, and gives prize depending on event score (I can get D reliably but haven't managed C even with 3 or 4 others in group

    if Red Flames touch you, you turn into a Red Flame for 30s. I'm not sure if you can't do anything during this time or if there is a way to "defeat" other Red Flames. Sometimes when I run into them when I've been transformed, they sort of stop, and rise up in the air surrounded by a purple effect - and the "defeat Red Flames" quest counter goes up... but idk if that's useful to the PE itself, or how to actually do it

    they can't be jumped over and also transform you when mounted. there is a skill (event hotkey Ctrl+2) that "temporarily traps the active Red Flame in a bubble and turns them back into magic" but despite the exciting description it doesn't do much. it has a long recharge time (30s), they have to be on top of you for it to work, and it won't work during the animation for the ctrl+1 firecracker skill.

    The Ctrl+2 hotkey works when mounted but can't shoot firecrackers when mounted

    when transformed it is possible to change back by touching another character (who isn't transformed too).

    [so perhaps there is a tactic with some players fighting the Red Flames, some players throwing firecrackers, and some players rushing in to save people who get transformed]

    Messages sometimes come up. Ones says something like "Red Flame barrier is changing" but it's unclear what this means. It might mean that the attack pattern is changing, but good luck making any use of that. Another says something like "Someone has penetrated the barrier disrupting the filthy aura", but again it's unclear if this relates to anything.

    There is also an event npc at Unapu who talks gibberish and gives out items with names like "SYS24054508_NAME" which seem to just be time-limited experience orbs. But who knows? Maybe they make you immune to Red Flame transformation... or maybe they make your inventory inaccessible... maybe they delete your character.

    I haven't seen this event before - the years I have played were I think 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and I think I would have noticed. it is mentioned (but not described) on the wiki and in the text for the dragon Bright Year. So I wonder if it is some mistranslated, bugged-up wreck that was still in development when all the development stopped, or if it dates from a time when "bullet hell" games were popular and guilds could still fill a raid party for an event, or if it is just a bit "opaque" (like most of the other events in DP).

  • I think the number of points needed isn't 1000 actually but 600

    solo I can get to C now by walking backwards slowly in front of the dragon, and throwing firecrackers at it, while weaving inbetween the Red Flames. I think S rank must need a large enough group to fill up the towers with firecrackers and some teamwork to help each other remove the transformation effect

    if that *is* the concept, the execution would have called for them to remove the fences, wooden posts, jars, icicles, dragons, mobs, and whole other Public Events that you have to walk backward through, while dodging the lootpets. It also might have been good if they had centred the stream of lootpets on the dragon. They spray out from a moving invisible point that sort of follows the dragon.

    If large groups are needed, this may be difficult while the oriental dragons are up

  • after a couple of proper attempts:-

    D rank = 200 points (definitely)

    C rank = 300 points (definitely)

    B rank = 500 points (definitely)
    A rank = 600?

    S rank = 800?

    From fireworks it is possible to get 125 points (max)

    From adding firecrackers to towers in the first 5 minutes before the dragon starts, it is possible to get 15x5x2 = 150 points (max)

    So players need to hit the dragon about 100-150 times for 5 points each.

    To delay the dragon for long enough for that to be possible, we think a group of 10 is needed so that all 5 towers can be filled before he starts to walk.

  • you reach B rank with 400 points already, which is possible to do solo.

    A rank is correct with 600, S rank idk but probably 800.

    from fireworks you can make 130 points, because its possible to overfill the altar.

    from firecrackers you can add enough points for B rank by filling first tower till the dragon starts, then move on and fill the next towers as long as you can before the dragon arrives.

    but - if you do it with a group of 10, remember that either none will get 130 points from fireworks or just 1 of the group.

    so probably if it is possible to reach S rank, it will only be possible for 1 in a group of 10 - and thats ridiculous with all the effort needed.

    it is either bugged or a very annoying event ...