[Event] Cookie~Time!

  • Ho Ho Ho Osirans,

    Christmas is near, the Ovens are lit, how can we make this Holiday Season a huge hit?

    In every big city from Laedis to Helmoth, a Whirlmoon sits and watches over the industrious kitchens.

    She is quite beautiful, that's for sure.... which is probably why she demands cookies baked in her own glorious form.

    Take part and help these overworked Chefs...to bake a Whirlmoon Festive Cookie and win a Prize for your chore!

    Event duration: 02.12.2019 - 15.02.2019

    To take part...bake your very own cookie or biscuit of the character below and send it to us! We will choose a winner for a prize.

    You can send a pic of your cookie to the 'Collector' Forum User or reply to this thread.

    Best Cookie Prize: 1x Whirlmoon (Title: Whirlmoon Rescuer) / 10 slots

    Participant Prize: 1x Fortune Potion (3 days)