why i can't see ''Fusion Set'' in th market

  • Sometimes there are some costume sets you cant see how they suit you. Its sad but true.

    Fortunately some time ago, another GM has posted here all costumes sold on market...

    Here is the link, in german:

    Kostüm Übersicht

    The One you are looking is on the second page, resembling something like a fire costume.

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  • emm not this problem


    Make your way over to the ingame Marketplace to see some Big Items and Packages on Big Discounts!

    Dragon Training Package
    (Provisions Collection Learning Crystal *1 / Sky Soarer Learning Crystal *1 / Adv. Dragon Soul Blessing Learning Crystal *1 / Adv, Oracle Blessing Learning Crystal *1 / 1,000 Dragon Provisions *3)
    Secret Apartment Bundle
    (Misty Shroud *1 / Gothic Style Ticket *1 / Blueprints: Elegant Style *1, Comfort Style *1, Secret Apartment *1 / Modern Egyptian Ticket *1 / Golden Storage Chest *1 / Apartment Warrant *1 / Home Sweet Home Rune *100)
    25x Laedis Academy Provisions2375
    Backpack Expansion Lucky Box (get 2*, 4* or 6* Expansion Cards)
    Fortunate Potion (1 day) +100%500399
    Dark Knight Bundle
    Dark Knight Weapon Box *1 / Dark Knight Armour Set *1 / 20OFF Coupon)
    2 + 1 Bonus Package: Perfect Equip Transmuter780499
    Morganith Mega-Bundle
    Invocation Orb I *10, Invocation Orb II *10, Invocation Orb III *10, Invocation Orb IV *10
    Misty Shroud Blueprint32501999
    Secret Apartment Blueprints1299799
    Master Repair Hammer (7 days)800499
    Rushing Dragon Trainer (+15% Speed)900699
    Unchained Energy 3% chance: +1 Laedis Provision
    Advanced Dragon Soul Blessing: +15% XP17501299
    Ravenstorm Package: Ravenstorm Set + Wings
    Wedding Ring400299
    Fusion Set
    Mask, Gauntlets, Protective Boots, Protective Jacket, Cloak, Spaulders + Shield OR Amulet
    On Fire Pack: Phoenix Wings, Phoenix Set
    Not So Fluffy Set
    Helmet, Hand-guards, Boots, Tunic and Greaves
    Crystalline Chaos Armor Set
    Helm, Gauntlets, Boots, Chestplate, Greaves, Spaulders

    sale of the week ,but in my market not ''Fusion Set'' this one can choose

  • Ah, sorry, i misundrstood your question.

    In this case, you must contact support submiting a ticket.

    Good luck

    “If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons.”

    Invernal - Archer - Level 102