Dia de los Muertos!

  • El Dia De Los Muertos

    On the Day of the Dead, it’s believed the border between the spirit world and the real world dissolves. During this brief period, souls of the dead awaken and return to the living world to feast, drink, dance and play music with their loved ones. In turn, living family members treat the deceased as honoured guests in their celebrations and leave gifts, treats and delicacies out for the ghostly visitors.
    Calacas (skeletons) and Calaveras (skulls) can be seen everywhere during this 2-night celebration. Sugar skulls, sweet breads are a food staple and spicy chocolate is the drink of choice for most.

    To honor this special day, we invite you all to participate in our Day of the Dead celebration!

    Do you celebrate Dia de los Muertos? Why not show us by taking part in our little event!

    All you have to do is...

    💀1 Go in-game

    💀2 Take a pretty screenshot of your favorite character
    (Bonus points / extra-consideration for the background of your screenshot...Festive, Spooky or Horrifying)

    💀3 Now draw "El Dia de los Muertos" style makeup onto your Character. See my (poor) example below!
    I expect Better from you ;)

    💀4 When done, send your screenshot to the Forum Hatchling "Collector" in this thread and win a Prize.
    (Make sure to leave your Ingame Name and whether you play Classic or Savage Hunt, so we know where to find you!)

    Event Duration: 01.11. - 08.11.2019

    Prize - Participation:

    1* Perfect Equipment Converter


    Dragon: Silver Bone (10 slots, Silver Bone's Master title, Intelligence +0.2)

  • I think I did number four right? I'm not at all familiar with the private/background user interactions; for previous events that I was able to participate in we just posted within the thread itself, and since I couldn't find anything that explicitly said "send" I assumed the meaning was to start a conversation. If this is incorrect, please let me know.

    Also, I tried to add the image as an attachment twice and I got a server error message each time, but they seem to have actually gone through just fine.

  • Starting the conversation is indeed the way to go. As for uploading images I personally use zupimages, yes it's in French, but honestly it works wonders and is not that hard to find out what to do even if you don't speak french