[Halloween] Spooky Styx Festival '19

  • Styx Event


    Are you ready to witness a terrifying tradition?

    ... What do you mean...you don't know what we're talking about?

    Then consult the ancient texts within the Necro-forum-onicon; you can find the guide to the event here<-

    The Grim Legend

    October 31st is a special date with a hidden power...for this date transcends dimensions and Planes, where the boundary between the Immaterium and the Corporeal Realm becomes gossamer-thin. Countless years ago, in ancient history, Styx Amorkan, tasked with guiding deceased souls to Anerton, did get fed up with his ghastly work and took a hideous holiday...and lo', there was no-one to guide the dead Souls, who milled around for abit before getting bored and deciding to go haunt the realms of Men and Dragon.

    This day later became known as La Muerta de l..."The Day of the Dead".

    Methods to tame and contain the dead Souls were soon developed, but there was more to overcome. Shax, fearing it's vacation would finish too soon...created the experimental Grave Rider to delay and harass osiran's tasked with the busting of ghosts, aka Bust-Ghosters.

    Created by chopping off the head of living humans and using dark alchemy, it was possible for the head and body to survive separately from each other.

    There is only one way to kill them: Destroy the head!

    Not content...Shax threw another scary-spanner in the works. Thinking "Oh, they're not strong enough yet - let's improve them a little bit", Styx created the "real undead". Headless shamblers that can function even without a head.

    Time-passes, and the Osira fear this night more than any other as no means to bust the Grave Riders has yet been found. Instead they have been lured and contained within an ethereal floating Fortress in the sky, now infamous and reviled as:

    The Abyss of Exile (dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN)

    So Osira, gather together and prepare for a freakishly-fearful Festival!

    From today, go to Arteicia and talk to Jasmine. Jasmine will transport you to the Abyss of Exile until Thursday, November 7th.

    You will have to master tasks and defeat monsters and of course, be rewarded for it.

    For completing the event you will receive Ghost Coins, which you can exchange for different reward boxes at Amorkan's Cookie Box (behind Jasmine).

    One type of box, for example, contains demonic Transformation Potions for your characters.

    In addition, you'll have the chance to grab some Weapon Costumes and Masks, and with a little luck you'll get a Green Flame companion when killing the final boss.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Make your way to Jasmine and fight against the Grave Riders and their followers.