Enhance another Vilewing Drakento Pendant - which npc?

  • I haven't done that particular quest, but from the one upgrade quest I have taken on, I went to Larry first, and then he told me where to go after that. Based on the wiki link, the "details" text is what I figure you can expect Larry to tell you; similarly, the wiki notes that Larry is the starting NPC and Alpha the completion NPC, so once you talk to Larry you'll be able to talk to Alpha, and Alpha will give you a new quest to tell you what you actually need to collect for the upgrade.

    You may want to also have the necklace in your backpack if you aren't wearing it, just to avoid the risk of having to do extra running.

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  • If u have finished the quest and got your 102 necklace before the savage hunt Update, u will never get the quest again from the guy at CoP.

    If you want to get more necklaces you should get a new character and make the complete questline again

    I am sorry there is no other option, but if it helps you, a lot of people had to do this too :/