Market Sale 17.10.2019

  • Its only me or according to the new topic of GM Demadrend, there are some itens missing in SALE at supermarket?

    Such itens are:

    -Intermediate Oracle Blessing Learning Crystal

    -Advanced Oracle Blessing Learning Crystal

    Thanks and regards


    GM changed the image in the fórum instead of inserting the crystals on the Supermarket

    Tired of waiting for those crystals.



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  • Agree...

    First, there was a BUGGED lucky sales from which i bought some lucky gachas without description on it and didnt Gave me nothing. After speaking with GM Suzumi, they refunded me with EMPTY lucky gachas AGAIN and i didnt got nothing from them AGAIN. I sent messages with screens to GM Suzumi and i'm still waiting an answer. This was 4 days ago.

    Now they made a false advertisement about sales again. They put an image containing some Oracle Learning Crystals, which doesnt apear in the Supermarket. After i creat this tópic they changed the image in the fórum, instead of inserting the missing itens in the Supermarket. And the worse, they didnt even CARE about giving US players an explanation...

    So, GM Suzumi is offline most of the time.

    GM Demadred cant receive messages neither conversations...

    How can i solve my problems?

    I need better support :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    “If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons.”

    Invernal - Archer - Level 102

  • Ya know. The GM is busy sometimes and the (PM) Demadred maybe are busy too. sometimes mistakes happens.

    so yeah wait or send a Supportticket.

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