Migration problem

  • I migrated my DP account with my SH account. Everything looked fine, I typed email and password in and communicate said that my accounts are migrated. It was like 3 days ago. I waited until now because I thought that maybe it takes time to migrate.

    Now I litearlly don't know what could go wrong. Does it migrate a not existing account if I inserted wrong password?
    I made another SH account only to see if I can migrate once again with different password, but communicate said that "this email is already migrated".
    What can I do now?

    I still have my account confirmation emails back from 2014 to prove that I own this DP account so I can provide screenshot of this email for GM PM. Please, help. I would love to get my old DP ranger back.

  • since you're posting this on the SH side, and not the DP side.

    I will need to clarify that you cannot migrate your account to Savage Hunt, if that is what you are trying to do.

    You are merely merging your account from Infernums platform, to Gamigos. Games are both separate, and if you wish to continue playing the game on that account, you need to Download the DP client, not the SH one.

    If you got the right game installed, etc etc, and it still doesn't work, contact support. They can retrieve it for you and you'll be able to access it on the DP client again.

  • Wait, so what's the point of this account migration that I did on SH account panel?

    I thought that will merge my old DP acount with new SH account, allowing me to play on my old DP characters.

    If it does not work like that then what's the point of account merging anyway? From what you saying I'm assuming that I still need to download DP client to play on my old account, which means that migration option does and gives... nothing?

  • Like Katigura already mentioned, the migration was only necessary for transfering DP to the gamigo system. You haven't lost your Characters, they are still there, but you need the right client. Savage Hunt is still a different game as DP. So please make sure you have installed the right client.

    Here ist also the full client ZIP


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  • Well, if in the past you invested real money on DP, then you might be able to win a VOUCHER to redeem after the migration and get some extra Diamonds.

    DP and SH are independent games with some diferences on the playgame.

    Migrating an account will reward you a voucher in that conditions. That's all about it, i think.

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  • Wasn't the voucher and dragon limited? I'm quite sure you can't get either anymore.

  • I don't think so, but not sure. What i know is that you could get only 1 voucher by migrating your account.

    Anyway this option was available and since its still in the home page after logging, i think it makes sence.

    If i'm wrong, i apologize but i don't have any way to test it.

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