Ranger Builds - Bow/GunBlade

  • Hello,

    First of all i have used the shearch tool but i couldnt find anything regarding this subject so i decided to create a new topic.

    Hope i'm not wrong...

    Anyway i would like to ask to all of you to post here your Builds regarding Bow and GunBlade if possible.

    This, including how you did distribut your stat points, and your skill points.

    What kind of shards you are using.

    Your personal opinion about your build.

    Anything you may consider important, you can post it too.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards,

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    Invernal - Archer - Level 102

  • Sry i help you if you have questions all times sure ( if i have time ) :) but my build/Points or something else i never Show some one because i learning this all myself…….Ist hardwork so i think you understand why i dont post my Build. I can help you if you have ask. You can write me privat here in Forum i will answer if you have some Questions.

    have a good day :)